The Success Story of Doe Deere

Doe Deere has made a name for herself through her makeup brand, Lime Crime, which is mostly associated with brightly colored makeup styles. While growing up, Doe was very artistic; she enjoyed color, painting with as many colors. She could even get them on her body and clothes. It’s here that her love and passion for bright colors grew and soon she felt that it was the best way that she could express herself.


As she grew up to discover the power of makeup, she had a dream of being able to make her lipstick, nail polish, and other types of colorful makeup. In her teen years, she was trying out different types of makeup brands, which she describes as bad makeup. She could post the pictures of how she looked on Instagram to hear what people had to say about it.


Doe noticed that bright colored cosmetics were not easy to find and the existing ones were of poor quality. She hence decided to found Lime Crime in 2008. She used the name Lime Crime to register on eBay in order to market her fashion line. She describes Lime Crime as a cosmetics brand that believes that looking good comes from feeling good and being confident.


Lime Crime mostly operates online, concentrating on online selling and marketing. Being based online (mainly on social media) has helped them grow since they can easily interact with her customers and get feedback on what to do to improve customer experience. The Company’s main aim is to change the way makeup is viewed and improve the experience that comes from makeup. The company has produced many products in the market, some which they say other cosmetic companies are trying quite hard to imitate.


Doe leads a simple life, and her daily routine is almost the same every day. She usually wakes up at 8:30. Immediately after waking up, she checks her phone for the activities she has for the day and then proceeds to her Instagram. Afterward, she does her morning workout program, mainly stretching, which she says keeps enables her back to feel relaxed. After working out, she heads to her kitchen to make her breakfast. She starts off with a glass of water, which she says is paramount for keeping her hydrated in the relatively low humidity city of Los Angeles.


She then proceeds to make her breakfast which is mostly fruity and topped up with whole grains or cereals. She says that a good breakfast is key to having a productive day and leading a healthy life. Doe enjoys freshly blended orange juice which she makes from oranges that she grows herself. She then proceeds to apply her makeup while listening to her favorite band, The Beatles. She spends ample time on her makeup depending on the type of day she has ahead of her. She usually gets to her office some minutes before noon and spends the rest of the day meeting people and trying to develop new products for her clients.


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