Securus customers rave about new video visitation systems

As long as the criminal justice system has existed within the United States, there has been a debate about what the correct role of that system should be. Some maintain the proper role of the criminal justice system is to provide punishment, a means of retribution for crimes that prisoners have committed against society.


But others view the proper function of the correction system as a means of rehabilitating prisoners, so that they may one day be re-released into society. This latter view has become predominant, with most penologists, politicians and even citizens at large advocating the rehabilitation and eventual reentry of prisoners back into society, in a productive role.


One of the Technologies Securus has contributed to this effort is its video visitation technology. This novel system allows inmates face-to-face communication with their loved ones and family members while incarcerated. Through Securus’ proprietary VoIP-based technology, it has dramatically lowered costs, enabling inmates to say an almost constant contact with loved ones. Criminologists agree that this is a crucial step in the resocialization of inmates, who often fall into the pattern of only socializing with other convicted felons. Without proper communication with law-abiding citizens on the outside, most inmates will eventually become what is known in the business as institutionalized. They will essentially be unable to function outside of the structure of the prison environment.


Securus’ video visitation technology allows for nearly daily contact with law-abiding, pro-social individuals on the outside of prison. This not only gives inmates hope, through staying in contact and maintaining meaningful relationships with those who filled their lives while they were on the outside, but it also allows inmates to fulfill their basic social needs without resorting to associating with convicted, violent criminals.


It is through innovations like these that Securus Technologies is making a real difference in the nation’s penal institutions.