Ronald Fowlkes Talks About His Interest In The Military And Law Enforcement

Ronald Fowlkes grew up with a strong interest in the military. Once he graduated from high school he joined the United States Marine Corps. Once he finished his duty he moved to St. Louis and joined their SWAT team. While in the military and serving as a police officer he often came across really high-quality gear from a company called First Spears Product Development Group. He kept an eye out for their gear and used it pretty often.

When he left the police force Ronald Fowlkes got a job in the industry that supplies military forces and law enforcement officers with their gear. His first job in this industry was at Eagle Industries where he was the manager of business development. He then joined ITW where he had this position as well as handling military product sales. A long mission of sorts was completed when he joined First Spear as a co-owner. He is their director of business development which involves attending a lot of meetings with business associates and clients of his company.

First Spears makes money do marketing their products and attending trade shows, he says. He says most of their business, though comes from the field with people seeking out their gear. Ronald Fowlkes has developed contacts with people in the Department of Defense as well as law enforcement people on the state and local level. Additionally, about 35% of their business is done with NATO.

Ronald Fowlkes says that First Spears is a company that makes high-end equipment. He says he thinks of his company as the Gucci of the tactical world. Everything they make is made in the United States including all of the parts. He says his company gets a lot of repeat business and referrals from current customers because of the very high-quality craftsmanship of their products. They also offer a lifetime guarantee on everything they sell.

As a huge fan of hockey Ronald Fowlkes has a blog he uses to write about this sport. He also coaches in a youth hockey league. A recent article talked about Jeff Glass and how it took him 13 years to reach the NHL. He was very good at the junior hockey level but once he was in the minor leagues he struggled to play well. At age 32 he was finally able to play in his first NHL game and earned his first victory while allowing only three goals.