OSI Group Appoints A New President And CEO

OSI Group is a company that has been growing nonstop for decades and David McDonald has been more than wave rider. He has been with the company for at least 30 years, and he started right out of college as a project manager all the way to where is today, which is president and CEO.

OSI Group Beginnings

OSI Group is a worldwide name to the food industry. The company started as local butcher shop in Chicago, and was owned by a German man in the beginning of the 20th century. By the middle of the century the shop was a main meat supplier in the region for the McDonald’s restaurant chain. A little later OSI Group was one of the corporation’s main suppliers worldwide. Later still, the company continued to branch out in county and internationally.

About The New President And CEO

David McDonald arrived to modern food all the way from the supply chain. He was raised on a farm in northeast Iowa and graduated from Iowa State University. He holds a bachelor’s degree in animal science. He was recognized for displaying great character and excellent achievement in academics and other activities. Even though he has grown so much in his career, he is still an active alumni at ISU. He is very active in the school’s agricultural entrepreneurship initiative. He donates to a scholarship fund and helps to create internship opportunities for ISU students at his company. His participation in the alumni program earned him the young alumni award in 2004 and 10 years later he was awarded the school foundation’s emerging philanthropist award. David McDonald and his wife Malinda have six children, their two oldest children are students at ISU.

The Company Is Large

OSI Group has more than 20,000 staff members at over 65 facilities. The ranges across 17 countries. In 2016 Forbes listed the private company at number 58. It was said to have an estimated net worth of $6.1 billion. Over the past few years David McDonald has assisted in the company’s expansion to China. He also has his hands in the purchase of Baho Foods and Flagship Europe. He is a master in industry logistics and he has several years of experience working with the government, suppliers and retailers in various countries. David McDonald’s ability to lead such a company of massive size was quite unexpected, but one could only attribute his success in management to his early exposure to the supply chain when he grew up on the farm.