Louis Chenevert Focuses On Engineering And Operational Talent

Louis Chenevert served as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of United Technologies Corporation for 6 years. He joined the company in 2008 and filled his position up until his retirement in 2014. Chenevert had previously been the Chief Operating Officer at the organization for two years. His resume is impressive down the line. Chenevert was the President of Pratt & Whitney before arriving at United Technologies. Prior to Pratt & Whitney Louis Chenevert was with General Motors for 14 years.


Louis Chenevert is a graduate of the University of Montreal. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Production Management. Chenevert was presented with an honorary doctorate from the University in 2011.


As the leader at United Technologies Corporation Louis Chenevert focused on engineering and operational talent. He believed that this was the most important aspect of the organization. He looked for ideas that were going to produce the kind of results that exceed customer expectations, accelerate productiveness, increase revenue and elevate the momentum of profitability. He put an emphasis on small teams and gave the leaders of these teams the tools, funds and authorization to make game-changing decisions. Chenevert then carefully evaluated the finished product on each production line.


Technology is always changing. Louis Chenevert is careful to keep up with the amazing speed of innovations that happen within the industry. He has been able to develop the right habits that keep him on the cutting-edge as far as decision-making. Chenevert is passionate about developing new ideas. He also avoids internal politics within the company. He feels his job as CEO is to provide his operational executives with everything they need to be successful.


Chenevert credits his time as a plant supervisor with his appreciation of team support. He observed that the people doing the work on the line had the key to unlocking productivity and solving internal problems. He used this outlook to lead for the rest of his career.