Lime Crime Has the Latest Trend Covered

With the coming of spring, there is also a new trend and the trend for this Spring season is the passionate color purple. Purple may not be everyone’s absolute favorite, but there are so many ways to work it into your beauty routine. You can go subtle or bold and Lime Crime has so many fun ways to wear it.

Lime Crime’s Hi-Lite trio highlighters come in opalescent hues that can be applied to your favorite features. They come in lavender, sparkly lavender and many shades of purple in-between. They are the perfect way to wear the trendy color without overdoing it-especially is purple is not your go-to color.

A highlighter can be applied in a couple of seconds and does wonders for your face. A highlighter will give you that glow and will highlight your best features like your cheekbones.

A foundation is a must and will provide a clean canvas to work on when you apply your makeup. A good foundation will also offer some sun protection as well. Your foundation should be light and not be cakey or heavy. If it is, then it is time to switch.

Matte lips are also in, and Lime Crime’s velvetiness come in many fun colors. There are even many shades of purple to choose from such as Pony, Fetish, Beet It, Faded, and Utopia, just to name a few.

Eyeshadow is a great way to show off your eyes and add a pop of color without being too bold. Lime Crime has many fun palettes such as the Venus palettes and the Pocket Candy Palettes that have many delicate and bright hues of purple. They are also long-wearing, so you can apply and forget about it.

Eyeliner is a fun way to get creative and will bring out your eyes. You can add fishtail wisps to the corners of your eyes, make cat eyes, or add a swish of flare to your look. Applying eyeliner can get a bit tricky, but if you practice at home, you will be a pro in no time. It will also give you confidence.

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