JAY-Z Lavishly Celebrates OG Juan Perez’ Birthday

On Presidents’ Day weekend, OG Juan Pere, who leads Roc Nation’s new sports management division, was treated to a very memorable night out for his 50th birthday. His wife Desiree Perez, rap megastar JAY-Z, and a bunch of other close friends headed off to dine at Zuma, a world-class modern Japanese-style restaurant in Midtown, Manhattan. The party ate nearly $13,000 worth of steak, sushi and lobsters, and that was just the beginning of OG Juan’s much talked about birthday weekend. After the sushi fest, the Roc Nation VIPs stepped inside Made in Mexico, an upscale nightclub with Mexican cuisine, and primed themselves with $9,000 worth of fancy D’USSE cognac.

OG Juan and his buds were still in a very celebratory mood, and party-hopped Uptown to the Playroom Lounge, a popular NYC nightclub. JAY-Z purchased 40 bottles of champagne and rosé for everyone, including the random patrons seated at nearby tables. One of the Playroom’s servers nonchalantly snapped a picture of the rapper’s bill and posted it on their social media page. It was soon revealed to the masses that he had spent over $91,000 for just 40 bottles of booze. The tax was over $6,000 and the hip-hop superstar had left an $11,100 tip to the lucky server.

The infamous bill quickly went viral, and no one could say that JAY-Z didn’t show his appreciation for his friend of over 20 years. OG Juan Perez was born and raised in Harlem, New York City, and attended school at Brandeis High located in Upper West Side, Manhattan. He is a passionate sports aficionado and serves as the President and CEO of Roc Nation Sports. OG Juan recalls meeting JAY-Z for the first time and expressed that he felt an instant click. They both had shared a love for their city and the unrivaled nightlife it brings.