Infinity Group Australia offers solutions o financial challenges of the people

Infinity Group Australia is a leading company in Australia that helps the people deal with matters that touch on debts. Debt reduction is a critical factor in the world as many people are suffering due to poor finances management arising out of the loans they have received from banks. When banks gave them loans, they never received any guidance or support on how to utilize the money well. Banks leave customers to do the financial management aspects on themselves. As a result, we have so many people who cannot afford to live a good life because they have fallen deep into the unending cycle of debts.



Infinity Group Australia is a creation of Graeme Holm, a financial expert who wanted to change the manner in which financial management in Australia is done. He came up with a brilliant idea about personal bankers which he implemented through this company which he established in 2013. In five years that he has been in operations through this company, he has accomplished more than many people will ever accomplish. He has made a move that has helped so many Australians to get out of debts which have constrained their lives to paycheck-paycheck kind of life.


Infinity Group Australia assigns personal bankers to people who would like to have their financial lives sorted by people who understand what it is like to manage funds. The company has recruited skilled professionals who are then assigned roles to guide the clients on how to manage well the finances they have. In the period that he has been in this business, Graeme holm has seen people who could barely save anything in one year now save over $42,000. Also, some clients have attested to having saved more in three months than they have ever done in one year. The change is humongous, and the people are happy with the services they are getting.


The solution offered by Graeme Holm came from years of experience that he has had working in the banking sector. He realized that everything that was happening in the banking industry was being done out of the benefit of the banks and not the customer. It is at this point in time that he came up with a plan to start something that would make the financial industry beneficial both to the people and the banking institutions. Today, he has enabled many people to get away from the challenges that they have faced managing their finances. Learn more :