How SweetGreens Is Merging Technology And Originality To Reshape The Fast Food Market


Technology is the ultimately changing every aspect of our life a trend at a time, and it now seems to have caught up with the fast food industry thanks to Sweetgreens. The chain of restaurants forms the greatest blend yet of how creativity and technology can be directed at improving the livelihoods of the community. Its founders are on a mission to prove to the United States citizens that there is more to lunch and bites than the unhealthy burgers.


Additionally, these energetic entrepreneurs that include Nathaniel Ru, Jonathan Neman, and Nickolas Jammet have also infused technology into their fast food startup to attract the tech-reliant millennials into healthy eating. Since establishing their first food restaurant in Georgetown in 2007, the trio has created more than 40 other Sweeetgreen fast food restaurants across the United States. The growth potent for their idea and its execution has also made it possible to have the company attract significant venture capital from popular investors like Danny Meyer and Steve Case.



Role of technology in the startup


Asked about the origin of the Sweetgreens idea, Ru says that the Georgetown University graduate trio first carried out a market a market research in their neighborhood and couldn’t single out a healthy food joint. They, therefore, settled on providing healthy foods. But they also knew that to reach to as many individuals especially the millennials that form a majority of the working class, they had to use an appealing means of selling the idea of eating healthy to them.


The trio, therefore, resulted in setting up a company website as well as a mobile application that perfectly matches the real restaurant setting through which people could place their orders conveniently. And it worked; the tools are consistently attracting thousands of customers to the fast food joints every day who form more than 30 percent of the overall sales.



About Nathaniel Ru


Since graduating in 2007, he has gone forward and brought together two former classmates that partnered with him in establishing the multi-million Sweetlife brand that boasts of the Sweetgreens chain of restaurants. Nathaniel also played a key role in the brand’s diversification onto entertainment with the formation of the biggest music and food festival in the region; Sweetlife Music. Ru has so far received several entrepreneurial accolades for his role on Sweetlife including being featured in the Forbes in the 30 under 30.

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