Gareth Henry Actions Have Made Him Into A Wonderful Person

The world we live in is very judgmental. It is very hard to take sides or be apart of any of the movements that are going on. Judgment, although we try to not make it a big deal, it is. We also have to realize that everyone is different, and that is not a bad thing. We need different people to make our universe go around. Gareth Henry has seen the light in helping the LGBTQ community. He has taken his own life into consideration and had to choose between life and death. Gareth Henry has been beaten by policeman, harassed, and more from being a supporter and activists in the gay community.

He actions have made him into a wonderful person for the gay community in Jamaica. Jamaica is one of many countries that has not legalized same sex marriage. Since moving to Canada, Gareth Henry has joined a nonprofit organization Rainbow Railroad. They help relocate LGBTQ people around the world. Henry gave an incident where a mother called the organization to give their son/daughter an opportunity to leave the house. Not all of the time is the situation this easy. Most parents/friends/family members do not call, which leads to suicide.

Gareth Henry has had a lot of friends that have died because of homophobic attacks. Gay hate crimes is a real thing and our nation does not take it serious enough. Instead we are still judgmental. Gareth Henry is doing something really special. He is building our community and making it stronger. He is taking action because he knows what it feels like to not be wanted, to be hated, and innocent people to get hurt. We need more people like Henry to help us remember that no matter your love preference, you still should feel safe enough to walk down the street in your own skin.

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