Fortress Investment Is Doing Good Things With Wes Eden On The Company Management

The United States is home to many different investment companies, though there are few as large as Fortress Investment Group today, which is directed towards alternative investments for their clients all over the globe. Fortress Investment is such a strong company today that it has found a place as a regularly traded stock on Wall Street. Thanks to the work of the company founders, including Wes Edens, Fortress Investment continues to flourish today, maintaining a leading position in the investment industry. Wes Edens manages more than 1000 employees for Fortress Investment Group’s various location around the country and has done so for more than 20 years since the company was founded in 1998.

It only took Fortress Investment Group a couple of years to start making headway in the industry with minds like Wes Eden’s backing it. By year three, Fortress Investment Group passed more than a billion dollars in assets and it has steadily held a position at the top of the industry ever since. Fortress Investment Group has several different sectors of the company set up as funds, known as the Fortress Investment Fund, which currently maintains four different mutual funds. Fortress Investment Group is started to make plays in other industries with Wes Eden’s trying to expand the companies boundaries.

Wes Edens has been working to expand Fortress Investment Group as well as several other entrepreneurial projects he is working on, including the Brightline Train system. Not too long ago, Wes Edens even purchased a sports team. Wes Eden’s is a veteran in the investment industry, but he still has many goals he has yet to accomplish and business ideas he wants to explore. Perhaps even more important than his adventures in business is his desire to be a philanthropist. The Brightline Train system that Wes Eden is pushing will provide transport to thousands of commuters throughout the state of Florida, greatly reducing traffic times from Miami to Fort Lauderdale.