E-pills are the next big thing, says investment guru, Paul Mampilly

If you are looking for a viable investment option, then you might want to buy stock in companies that manufacture electronic pills, or E-pills as Paul Mampilly calls them. In the most recent article posted on his Crunchbase profile, Paul Mampilly, a finance and stock investment guru says that blockchain is revolutionising the world of medicine by making it possible for drug manufacturers to bring medicine that is equipped with digital blockchain sensors to the market.As you know, blockchain is a form of a digital ledger which is incredibly secure and safe from hacking. In respect to that, making medicine that has this form of technology will make the work of drug manufacturers and even physicians incredibly easy. That is because the sensors will send signals to your phone, alerting you, the doctor and the manufacturer of the chemical changes taking place inside your body.


This way, all three parties will be aware of whether the medicine is useful or not. As a result, it will be much easier for your doctor to determine whether you need a new prescription or not and you’ll always be informed of the state of your health.Besides the above benefit, e-pills also boasts a host of many other advantages. For instance, it will now be possible for medical practitioners to know whether their patients are taking their drugs as scheduled or not. It will also be possible for them to evaluate the effectiveness of certain medications on various ailments thereby making it easy for them to prescribe the most functional. With this information, manufacturers on the other end will be forcedto come with drugs that are more potent so they can remain in business. Additionally, manufacturers will have an easy time dealing with false claims as the data on how the body of the patient reacted with the drugs will be stored securely in the blockchain.In a nutshell, Paul Mampilly believes that E-pills are the next big thing and with companies such as Abilify which are already using that technology being FDA approved, then investors should look forward to massive benefits.


Why should you take Mampilly’s word?

For years now, Paul Mampilly has been offering financial and investment advice through his profits unlimited newsletter and two others, true Momentum and extreme fortunes. He is a man who has experienced the best of both financial worlds, that is, wall and Main Street, having worked in Wall Street for more than a decade, before quitting to join Main Street. Paul Mampilly is a force to reckon with and boasts a proven track record showing his prowess. For instance, he is a Templeton Foundation award winner and once worked for Kinetics asset management where he helped turn the fund into the best world hedge fund. Additionally, all his insights work, which explains why he has a subscriber base of more than 130,000 people who keenly follow his investment insights.