Deere Transforms The Makeup World With Lime Crime

Lime Crime makeup graces the faces of the bold and the beautiful. It is a colorful makeup line that consumers use as more than just makeup. They use it as a form of expression. This makeup line all began with the creative soul of the talented entrepreneur Doe Deere.


Doe Deere was born in Russia and resided there until she was seventeen. She moved to the New York City in pursuit of becoming a musician. Deere pursued music for some time and learned a lot while doing so. She took important marketing and business managing skills away from her time as a musician. She also met her husband and partner in Lime Crime.


In addition to music, Deere had other ventures in the fashion industry. Her creativity crosses into many different mediums. During her time as a fashion designer, Deere decided she wanted to pair the threads she was selling with bold makeup colors. However, Deere cold not locate the makeup colors she was interested in because they had yet to exist. Deere jumpstarted Lime Crime as a response, making her own bold and bright makeup colors.


It turned out Deere was not the only person craving this outrageously bold colors, the public was too. Lime Crime quickly developed a cult following. The line even has its own blog where it features fabulous makeup styles and celebrity makeup artist tips. The Lime Crime brand is perfect for self-expression. It transforms makeup from simply being coverup into an the paint of an artist. Consumers paint their canvases into anyone they choose to be.


Deere credits her success to following her heart. It is an encouraging message for fans and young girls who look up to the “Queen of Unicorns”. Doe has an incredibly valid point though. People tend to exceed more when they are pursuing ventures that they love. After all, it is a lot easier to throw ourselves into work that means something to us.




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