Cotemar, the Face of Oil Evolution in Mexico

Recap on Silent Oil Revolution in Mexico

In recent times, Mexico has seen the emergence of many successful oil companies that are making a new name in the renewed energy industry. Some of the companies include; Cotemar, Renaissance Oil, Nuvoil, Diarqco, Sierra Oil, Petroleum.


However, the companies face a challenge of making their investment more profitable. Especially those companies that won the first round of tenders. A few of these companies are battling land issues as in the case of Cotemar. The land issues emerged from the previous operators. Some of these companies have to deal with the issue of organized crimes and theft of their infrastructure. This can be quite demoralizing but the companies continue to stand strong.


Cotemar History and Values

Cotemar was established in 1979. The company was able to acquire its first rig in 1985. The company then increased its hold in the market in 1996. In 2012, the company collaborated with COSCO. Through this collaboration, the company was able to build semi-submersible specialized cranes. It has grown over the years and in 2015, Cotemar launched the semi-submersible rigs. This gave the company a name in the petroleum business. In 2016, one of its subsidiaries got a contract for Moloacan tender in Veracruz.


Cotemar is fully Mexican and has over 38 years of experience which makes it a highly competent company. In order to get to where it is today, Cotemar has implemented some values that have helped it succeed. The company stands on three very important values; trustworthiness, client satisfaction, and dependability. Through these values, it has been able to maintain a strong stand in the society.


Services offered by Cotemar

The company’s main services are towards the gas and oil industry. The services offered include; processing oil, offshore maintenance, and transportation, food and accommodation services and transport of huge structures. The company’s services extend to engineering and maintenance of oil related mechanisms. Over the years, it continues to broaden the services it offers. They have accomplished this through the adoption of process equipment, as well as a good work team. This has assisted it to increase its performance in the industry.


The future of Cotemar and other Oil Companies

Although these companies continue to face a constant threat, they have proven resilient in the market. They are making a big change in the Mexican oil industry.


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