Chainsmokers Debut Album Still Tops Charts As Third-Longest No. 1

The Chainsmokers efforts to set themselves apart are a daily struggle. According to Alex Pall it is something that drives the duo. Since their breakthrough in 2014 with hit single, “#Selfie”, the duo has made regular appearances on Billboard’s top charts. They have successfully released numerous singles, EPs, and one hit studio album. That album, “Memories… Do Not Open” has the distinction of presently being the third-longest running No.1 in the Dance/electronic music category. Hosting thirty-four non-consecutive turns in the spot alongside another successful album with the same track record. That album, the Gorillaz’s “Demon Days” is slowing down however, leaving Memories plenty of space to take the slot completely over.

The success of Memories bodes well for the Chainsmokers as they are currently preparing for the release of another studio album called “Somebody”. But Somebody is a culmination of their new identity, not the fresh of the boat band debut that is Memories. Somebody is the songs that introduces Pall and Taggart as artist, not just the DJ’s of hit album Memories. Earlier this year the road for Somebody began being paved with the release of “Sick Boy”. The new single is the first to contain the darker edge prevalent in the duo’s new sound. It focuses on the perils of social media and is designed to speak directly to the duo’s fanbase. It is their latest innovation to push the boundaries of EDM, following closely on the heels of Andrew Taggart’s lead vocals.

Despite the development of this new sound the Chainsmokers old sound is still popular. In the two years since its release Memories has not left the top five. It is good sign for Somebody. The first song on Memories is “The One” and is a brassy number sung by Taggart. The album almost sets the stage for their new sound, as the duo was developing it during their recording. One thing is certain, if Somebody does not pan out, the duo will definitely have their older sound to fall back on. It clearly has not missed a step.