Alex Pall And His Riches From The Chainsmokers

Alex Pall may or may not be a familiar name, though the name of his duo—The Chainsmokers—might ring a bell. The success of his duo lifted him up to a level of fame and fortune that a tiny percentage of people in the world ever reach. A couple of years ago, he used his riches to move to a home in Hollywood Hills.

It’s a common storyline for celebrities to make the move to Southern California. That part of the United States is known for its beautiful climate, landscape, beaches and year-long warmth. The place is also really nice because it doesn’t have screwed up animals and violent weather, like Florida. If you live in Southern California, you do not have to worry about things like hurricanes and being eaten by giant reptiles. However, Southern California does carry the chance of wildfires, as well as the chance of mudslides in some areas. Southern California is also known for its high costs of living and hordes of homeless people. However, if you have as much money as Alex Pall, you can securely buy a home in a safer area and live comfortably. At that point, buying a home in California is just a matter of choosing between which nice home you prefer more. This is very impressive, considering the fact that Southern California tends to be one of those places that many people cannot afford to live in, even if they have middle-class incomes. It’s one of those places where you have to either live with a bunch of roommates or marry someone who owns any sort of dwelling.

You might be wondering about the origins of the duo that brought Alex Pall all of these riches. The Chainsmokers began as a duo that included Alex Pall and a guy who is no longer there. In that guy’s place is Andrew Taggart, a native of Maine. The Chainsmokers played in gigs throughout the Big Apple and eventually made their way up to an unbelievable level of success.

Clayton Hutson Discusses His Role as The Producer in Music Creation

Many of us have often wondered what in the wide world does a music producer do who doesn’t quite seem of this world. Clayton Hutson, music producer extraordinaire, gets asked that very question, all the time. “After I play these unexpected tracks for my family, friends and artists, they all ask me where it comes from or how do I manage to just instantaneously tap into something that sounds good.” He may not always have the answers but he does say without sounding too cocky “That I just have this uncanny ability to connect the technical and artistic sides of the journey from raw song to finished product. Music production has changed so much over the years. It has definitely morphed into something that none of us could have foreseen let alone imagined.”

Clayton Hutson was able to imagine a company that could deliver everything and anything a musician or producer could dream up. He wanted to be able to accomplish and create a show that could be conceptualized by an artist. “I have had several years working in the live entertainment industry as well as tour production. I was doing the work anyways so I thought, why not start my own company?” He has been busy and booked ever since. Currently working on a show for Kid Rock, he is up and on stage by 6:00 A.M. and usually the last to leave. “I like to get there before anyone else is does. I have to take mental snap shots of the entire stage, top to bottom so I can make sure that every angle, from A-Z gets covered.” It is this attention to detail and work ethic that has landed him gigs with artists like Pink, Guns and Roses and One Republic.

When asked if there are any new trends that he is excited about he enthusiastically says “Oh heck yes! Technology has totally evolved and has made the stage an instrument itself. It is because of this evolution that the end result, the final product is definitely a collaboration of my expertise and the artist’s vision. We all want people to walk away from our shows and think ‘Wow, that was epic!’ and that is truly happening.”

Working in the music industry has never been more exhilarating and at the same time more exhausting. Hutson assures his fans that he is here to stay. “I can be a crusty sour puss sometimes, especially if I have been working 48 hours straight. But something I have learned is that people, my clients, would rather have an old curmudgeon who is competent at his job than a Pollyanna who has nothing but smiles and excuses.” Learn more:



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