Digital Footprint Leads To Arrest At Quincy Circle In New Brunswick, NJ

The Quincy is an area of housing complexes that have a crime problem. It is located in New Brunswick, N.J. near Raritan River and Liberty Street. These apartment buildings are in a low-income area that has a recent history of robberies, shootings, and gang related activity.


Shootings recorded by police include Nov 30, 2012, when a local pizza man was delivering an order to The Quincy. He arrived at the Northern building of the Quincy Circle Complex but none of the residents would claim to have ordered the pizza. Upon returning to his car, he was confronted by three armed men. The pizza man was forced to give the armed men his wallet, money, the pizza, and was then shot while the men were driving away in a minivan. The investigation took a turn when Det. Ron Seaman, working with the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office, traced cell phone records to that area around the time of the robbery and shooting. They were able to apprehend Parysh Wood, 21, as the leader of the set-up and robbery. The investigation took over four months before Woods was charged with the crime of robbery.


Another shooting took place at the New Brunswick Apartments on Oct 7, 2015, that may have been gang related. Four shootings occurred that left one person with minor injuries. The injured person was driven to a local hospital by an unknown driver that, police believe, may have been the suspect. Upon later examination of the scene, more bullets were found and a further investigation ensued.


Police and residents of the Quincy Complex are concerned about the amount of crime that is committed in that area. Gangs and their related violence make it difficult for the residents to feel safe in their neighborhood. What has helped police solve crimes is being able to track digital devices, used by perpetrators, to place the suspect near or at the scene of the crime, while the act is being committed. The Quincy Circle incidents of crime represent a large cost to local taxpayers and strain local crime fighting resources until a solution is found.


The Quincy; Shootings in New Brunswick, NJ