PodCastOne Commercial Advertisements Prove That TV And Radio Marketing Are Less Effectual For Sales

This year, PodcastOne Network began with an unmistakable spark that could also be termed revolutionary. The network’s founder and chief executive officer Norman Pattiz decided to take affirmative action towards proving that digital marketing has an untapped potential in the podcast industry. Moreso, his intentions were laying claim on the notion that podcast marketing has an upper hand in comparison to the traditional TV and radio announcements.

Norman Pattiz opted to team up with the best of data and research organizations in the first half of 2016, Edison Research, to back up his theory and assure business owners that podcasts will increase their revenue. Edison Research conducted a pre-study analysis which they would juxtapose with the post-study results to draw a conclusive report.

The group used five brands of products in the automobile market, fiancé, hospitality and leisure, lawn and gardening and groceries. They made sure to employ the exact study tests for both analyses to rid the possibility of inconsistent and untrustworthy results. Read more: Norman Pattiz | Fundacity and Norman Pattiz | Twitter

The comparative data indicated that the interest of the grocery item used before the study was 7 percent before the ads aired. The percentage rose to 60 percent after three months of consistent podcast marketing. The finance package used attracted 47 percent increased interest post-study whereas the automobile product garnered an increase of 37 percent.

The designated lawn and gardening product had only 16 percent of listeners interested in its purchase before the advertisements.

The results post-advertisement showed that the particular product would be purchased by 22 percent of the listeners. The highest attraction percentage was for the aforementioned casual dining restaurant which saw an increase of 76 percent after the campaign.

Edison’s president commented that working with PodcastOne was a lifetime achievement that would effect the operation of businesses worldwide. PodcastOne is a giant podcast network within and without the United States with shows by iconic figures of our time such as the WWE superstars. Norman Pattiz began PodcastOne shortly after leaving WestwoodOne, a brand he had built to international fame in a short period.

He partnered with Kit Gray, another expert in the podcast industry who was willing to establish and grow an intriguing podcast network since the idea’s inception in 2012. Norman Pattiz is a council member on the board of Pacific Council of International Relations and Foreign Relations.

He sits on the council of Los Alamos National Security Labs and Lawrence Livermore as chairman and brings invaluable experience and expertise in the organisation’s government.