Bernardo Chua: Success Starts With A Vision

Before Bernardo Chua has started up the successful company of Organo Gold, he has worked as a small time employee. While working his regular job, he has gotten a vision for a new business venture he could start. However, Bernardo Chua was not looking for financial independence with his new business plan, he was actually looking to bring about a healthier world.

He has noticed a certain herb that has a lot of health benefits. The herb is known as ganoderma. He wanted to spread knowledge about this herb throughout the globe. He figured one of the ways to do this is by selling it within a beverage that people love to drink. This beverage is called coffee.

Bernardo Chua has mixed in the herb with his coffee in order to sell it in various markets. He has spread awareness of his coffee company with the help of independent distributors and marketers. This is very helpful for the company because there is a lot of market about ganoderma.

For one thing, when people consume the health benefits that come with the herb, they are more likely to experience the effects that it has on their bodies right away. For one thing, people will have more energy to carry out their activities.

Bernardo Chua was also very assertive about expanding his business to different territories so that more people could get a taste of the herb that is bringing about some extra health benefits. Among the territories he has expanded his award winning company to is Turkey, which is one of the most significant moves he has made.

This move is actually significant for many different reasons. One reason for its significance is that Turkey is the home of the original coffee house.

Bernardo Chua is showing that he has a great sense of timing and philanthropy with the company and products he his revealing to the world.

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