Fyre Cay Hosts an Upclose and Personal Music Festival

Bustle is a popular online magazine targeted at hip young American women. It was founded by Bryan Goldberg in August 2013 and remains a popular source for fashion news. The magazine recently reported on an entertainment event taking place twice this new year. The first event is scheduled for the last weekend of April, and the next and final event in the series takes place over the first weekend of May in 2017.

It is a music festival held on the Fyre Cay in the Bahamas offshore of Miami that includes a $1 million treasure hunt, musical entertainment, and a chance to hob-nob with the stars. Round trip air transportation, dining, and lodging are included for the price of $1500. for the basic weekend ticket. Learn more about Fyre Festival: http://www.bravotv.com/blogs/Fyre-Festival-Bahamas-Alessandra-Ambrosio-Bella-Hadid-Hailey-Baldwin

The music performers selected will span a broad spectrum of musical tastes, and the event organizers have promised the attendees that there will be something for everyone in attendance. Ja Rule the actor and singer who appeared in the popular movie Fast and Furious has organized the event which promises to be a deluxe and intimate concert experience like no other. Read more: Fyre Festival | Facebook

For concert goers with the desire to get to know and meet current musicians and celebrities, this is the must-have ticket, when considering that it includes all the amenities plus lodging, meals, and transportation, makes it a good deal.

Everybody needs a weekend in the Bahamas, and this event will keep ticket goers entertained in paradise. Pack your swim trunks, flip-flops, shorts, and T-shirts and get ready for fun in the sun.

The Bahamas are an unspoiled paradise. The string of islands are so close to Miami, but they appear to visitors as worlds apart. The crystal clear water beckons snorkelers and divers to explore more of the underwater paradise and once below the waves incredible tropical fish and corals abound. You might ask yourself, “How have we been able to mess up the waters in Miami?”