Kate Hudson Provides the Face of Fabletics Business

The recent Fabletics ad is very catchy and outstanding. It gives the impression that one is watching a video directly from Kate Hudson’s Snapchat feed or Instagram page.


As Kate takes the red carpet, it is very evident how the piece of workout fashion looks great on her. The primary purpose of Fabletics may be the main reason why it is among the best sellers in the market. The Fabletics Company intends to make commodities with an inspiration to a set target audience. For this reason, the product is well designed for various ladies. Once you have the product, you do not need to worry about your color, age, shape, and size. The product is an aspiration to various ladies out there who want to build confidence in their looks and bodies during exercises.


Since inception in 2013, Fabletics brand has been pushing the athleisure product forward. The purpose of this brand is to inspire the users inclusively. In less than five years, Kate Hudson and her marketing team have been able to improve the overall worth of the business. By last year, the value of the firm was slightly over the $250 million value. Considering that Miss Hudson has no previous training in marketing or business, the figure can be regarded as quite promising.


The idea to come up with the brand was floated by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. The two wanted to come up with a product that would address the challenges that women faced during workouts. At this time, no classy and stylish athleisure brand was moderately priced. All that was available in the market was a series of overpriced gray and black workout gear for the ladies.


The two partners wanted to induce a change in the market. To achieve the change, they needed someone to make the change happen. Considering the two had no iota of idea on fashion, they decided to engage Kate Hudson into the business. Her primary role was to market the athleisure brand. She was to do this by stating what product is all about and use these features to increase sales.


Since Kate joined the premises, business has grown tremendously. Athleisure is among the best Fabletics product in the market today. In ensuring client satisfaction, the company allows the customer to check compatibility before committing funds. The management attaches a lot of importance to the individual feedback that the customer gives. To achieve this objective, the company has heavily invested the passing and relaying of critical information and data. As such, the issues and concerns raised by the various users are solved with a lot of ease.


Before her involvement with the firm, Kate Hudson had a big following on social media. When she joined the business, her social media network became an asset to the enterprise. She was able to use this to increase footfall to the company. With all these systems, the business has earned an excellent repute in the market. As such, the firm can sell its products with a lot of ease to some clients. The key objective is to ensure that the customer is always happy with the item.

Why Fabletics Is On Course to Dominate the Sportswear Fashion Industry

Succeeding in a fashion industry is not an easy task, especially when Amazon is your primary competitor. Despite Amazon’s 20% controlling stake in the e-commerce market, Fabletics has emerged as a reliable sports fashion brand with a promising future. Since its formation three years ago, the company has successfully managed to amass a net worth of $ 250 million within such a short time. An up-close evaluation reveals crucial details unknown by most competitors. For instance, they have focused on creativity and originality as essential ingredients in the firm’ growth.


Unlike its rivals who are characterized by high-priced low-quality goods, Fabletics has managed to stick to affordable prices while selling different types of sports attire. Not only are such apparels convenient for exercise, but also serve as excellent wear for an outdoor activity. Such distinguishing factors would not have been possible without the immense aid of Kate Hudson, a Hollywood actress and fitness fanatic. Just like Apple, Fabletics is on course to opening more physical stores across the country to meet the ever-increasing needs of the urban population.


Despite their recent success, Fabletics’ General Manager, Gregg Throgmartin, has reiterated the company’s commitment to sticking to their rules through the membership model. Such a unique strategy has enabled the firm to personalize each service and trendy fashion designs at costs lower than those of their competitors. Knowing what your clients want is vital to providing them with most tailor-made products.


How Fabletics manages physical stores differently from its rivals

  1. Adoption of reverse showrooming


Fabletics has added a positive touch to the browsing experience by emphasizing reverse showrooming. Such a principle operates on the notion that customers ought to engage with store attendants and provide them with exactly what they want. Such a direct relationship with clients is critical in establishing formidable connections with them. As a result, the Brand has recorded a 50% increase in the number of online visitors to its site, which ultimately leads to more sales.


  1. Emphasis on culture, people and accessibility is key to promoting company growth


The company has realized enormous profits due to their relentless pursuit of customer experience and education. According to Shawn Gold, Corporate Marketing Officer, Fabletics has successfully managed to record an annual 35% growth rate over the last three years. More importantly, growth is dependent on a creative in-house team that spreads Fabletics’ reach across ten counties based on market profitability.


  1. Technology is at the heart of retail success

Displaying the right information to clients is a good step as any if you intend to be successful in any business.Their feedback on certain modification on clothes is also passed to the management for immediate processing.


Profile of Fabletics


Fabletics is a sportswear brand that specializes in various types of fitness clothes for both men and women. Formed by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, the Brand has made significant strides in comfortable and affordable attires.