How The Name Of George Soros Grew Big

You might not know how big the name of George Soros really is. In fact, the magnitude of what George Soros has accomplished is hard to put into words. But we have to start somewhere, and here is where. First, imagine the outstanding status of being a billionaire. This comes with power, prestige and many temptations to ward off.

Once you take into account this magnitude, then something very specific becomes clear. It takes a great deal of responsibility to live at the status of George Soros. But then, the gigantic name which we all know of didn’t get there over night. For George Soros, becoming a prestigious billionaire started with a sure education in finance.

This education gave Mr. Soros the right understanding that then led to greater opportunities. Once such advancement for George was in meeting the men that would direct and change his life forever. These men came in the form of the much needed mentors who would guide Mr. Soros into to a level of prosperity that we all know of today.

From there, George was able to make a name of his own that stands the test of time today. As long as he remains passionate for change, progress and a better life, then we can expect to continue seeing greatness within him.

What This Mogul Has Before Him

But first, understand the grand responsibility George Soros has on any given day. This isn’t simply about being rich. His work is to maintain his status but also to inspire the world in the process. Simply look at what Mr. Soros does on a daily basis. Take a deeper look at the work of philanthropy that he’s accomplished throughout the years. Learn more on Discover the Networks about George Soros.

Each part of the Soros legacy is one that is built upon the foundation of tremendous responsibility. The more that this platform he has grows, the more of a grand vision he has before him. And we should be partly thankful for the internal ambition of men like George Soros. For starters, most billionaires are not as involved with the public. Know more on about George Soros.

Second, many of the world’s most influential billionaires are not as adept to giving the way George Soros is. This is a man who has to be a public figure and for the positive sentiment of society throughout the years.

It’s likely that his legacy will expand as he remains with us and will also shock the world.

The open society foundations that George Soros has been funding

George Soros is one of the richest men in the country. The Hungarian native is estimated to have a net worth of about $25 billion. He is famous as the man who broke the pound in the infamous black Wednesday of 1992. Like his billionaire counterparts, the likes of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Warren Buffet, George is always looking for ways in which he can use his money and influence to make positive changes in the society. There are several initiatives that George has been taking part in with the aim of improving the social life of the society in general. These charities, which he coordinates under the OSI Group, are estimated to have received more than 5 billion shillings from him throughout his lifetime. He works by looking for initiatives and charities that he feels are in the same mission with him and giving them the funding that they need to run their activities.

This was a time when his country was under the occupation of the German Nazis. Being Jews, George and his family were being hunted down by the administration for what came to be known as the Holocaust. In the late forties when he was just a teenager, he managed to run from his country to England. He joined the London School of Economics and got his bachelors, masters and PhD. He took up various jobs within the financial sector before he decided to start his first company, the Soros Fund management. In 1992, he made history when he made a short sale of $10billion and made a profit of $1billion in the infamous black Wednesday deal.  Read more on Snopes about George Soros

Open society foundations are the charities that George Soros likes spending most of his funding on. Some of the foundations that he has supported in the past have been a little controversial, like the group that was fighting for the rights of people to dictate their own end of life choices. When George Bush won the election in 2002, he started his own movement, the shadow democratic party which he intended to use to make checks and balances for the government of the day. The roles of the movement included looking for funds to support their causes, activism, media manipulation and research on the opposition.

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George has always been open about things that bother him when they are going wrong in the society. For instance, he has not made any secret about the fact that he is not a Trump supporter. The politics that Trump has been playing, according to Soros are divisive and counter-productive.

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George Soros: Reframing the Liberal Agenda

Less than a week after the 2016 election, George Soros and other big money liberal contributors gathered in Washington for a meeting sponsored by the Democracy Alliance. However, what had been anticipated as a celebration of victory was subdued in the aftermath of Donald Trump’s upset win. For Democrats and liberals, the outcome was a fiasco. It led to a hasty revision of the conference agenda. Among other changes was the last-minute addition of a session that centered around a “conversation” with George Soros.

The Democracy Alliance is a liberal donors’ club founded in 2005 by Soros and other well-heeled progressives in the wake of John Kerry’s defeat in the 2004 presidential election. The organization’s purpose is to channel donations from wealthy liberals to advocacy groups with a progressive agenda, particularly those that help build the Democrats’ voting strength. Through the 2016 election cycle, the Alliance ha raised nearly $500 million during its existence.

In addition to being a founder of the Alliance, George Soros may be its biggest donor. He gave an estimated $25 million in 2016 to support Hillary Clinton and other Democratic candidates.Soros was born in Hungary in 1930 and grew up with his country occupied first by the Nazis, and later dominated by the Soviet Union. His early experiences left him with a lifelong commitment to promoting freedom and liberal causes. He fled Hungary and eventually emigrated to the United States after graduating from the London School of Economics. Soros became one of the most successful financiers and traders of securities and currency in the world. He also became a political activist. He has funded liberal causes and organizations for decades.

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George Soros is now in his mid-80s. He is retired from active business. He remains politically active, as his participation in the Democracy Alliance conference demonstrates. Soros’ appearance focused on his early experiences with authoritarianism. Although neither Soros nor other attendees tried to compare Trump to the Nazi regime he had to cope with, the sense was that his experiences had something to say about how to protect liberal and progressive values from attacks.

One is a desire to resist efforts by the new president to roll back liberal gains such as Obamacare and civil rights. The other was general agreement that liberals need to rethink their approach. In particular, the attendees perceived a need to reach out more to white working-class voters, rather than rely too much on minorities and women to win elections.

George Soros’ political interests are not limited to supporting liberal politicians. His experience as a refugee escaping communist rule gave him a strong interest in helping other refugees. For example, he recently announced that he is dedicating $500 million in investment funds to boost new and existing businesses started by migrants and refugees, and to support private sector programs for these groups in the United States and other countries.