IDLife Make Health Supplements Designed By Scientists

IDLife develops nutritional supplements by scientist that are safe for customers and HIPPA compliant. This means that customers take supplements that eliminate the possibility of taking something with adverse effects.

Scientists at the company worked on these product over 18 years taking into account what type of medications, allergies, diet, and illnesses customers suffer from. Their ID Assessment will analyze each individual’s health and give them a health score. Supplements will be recommended based on their nutritional needs. Products are packaged and delivered to your home.

Their products help with weight loss, increased energy, immune health, increased metabolism, joint health, bone health, and increased mental clarity. Sleep is an important part of health and ID Life sell Sleep Strips to help customers get to sleep naturally. It is recommended for occasional sleep problems not chronic.

These strips dissolve under the tongue and are all natural. The product increases REM sleep and when a person wakes up they feel refreshed because they are all natural. IDLife appetite controls products help individuals control their appetite. The appetite control chews are all natural and help curb appetite before meals. It is safe and never causes jitters or side effects.

Lean is another product for weight management that comes in capsules form. It decreases craving for sugar, works to boost your metabolism, and builds muscle. It can be taken before a workout, a meal, or bedtime.

IDLife has a number of exceptional products for kid’s. They have shakes, bars, chews, and product with no sugar that replenish electrolytes. Their product provide nutrition and are vegetarian friendly and designed by scientists for children. Kids Nutrition are chews that provides children with over 25 vitamins and minerals with no sugar or artificial ingredients.

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Roberto Santiago, and His Manaira Shopping Mall

Roberto Santiago is a renowned Brazilian businessman. He is the owner of two famous malls namely Manaira shopping mall and Mangabeira shopping mall. Born on July 16, 1958, Roberto began his career in script writing. He had so much passion for blogging that made his writing career grow tremendously. His articles focused on the successes and challenges of life. Later on, he became interested in film production and directing. Roberto holds a business administration degree from University Centre, Joao Pessoa. He is also an active investor in the field of entertainment and real estate.

Santiago ventured into businesses when still in college. With little money, he put up a café at Café Santa Rosa that gave him good returns. Roberto saved and invested in cardboard manufacturing company. With continuous success in his investment in the company, he continued accumulating funds until he bought land in Joao Pessoa where he built Manaira. His success in business has been possible because of his saving habit.


Manaira is the largest mall in the state of Paraiba, Brazil. It covers more than 135,000 square meters with an ample parking space for 3,180 vehicles. The mall was established in 1989 and has continued to be one of the most preferred malls up to date. Manaira, whose standards are international boasts of features such as themed restaurants, children’s zone, banquet hall, spas, 11 movie theatres and game zones. It is a host to many promotional events and shows that keep visitors regularly entertained. Three of the mall’s movie theatres have the 3D technology. Its food court is served with several restaurants which offer both local and international cuisines. Capital Steak House is one of the restaurants in Manaira whose reputation is high among tourists and locals.


Manaira has a banquet hall known as the Domus Hall. It is positioned on the terrace of the mall and serves as a multipurpose auditorium. It is large enough to accommodate 8,000 people. Domus Hall has modern technological equipment and amenities that can be used for parties, business summits, concerts, conferences, musical events, and seminars. The mall also offers the lovers of bowling games with a bowling alley. Other than motocross, bowling is also one of Roberto’s hobbies. In addition to entertainment, the mall has a variety of stores that favor all classes of people. There are several sports gear shops, boutiques, books stores, cosmetics, furniture stores among many other stores. Manaira is also home to an institution of higher learning, the College Higher Education of Paraiba. Above all, the mall has a reliable customer service department that acts on visitors’ feedback. Established in 2013, Mangabeira is also located in the city of Joao Pessoa. Together with Maniara, the two malls have shaped the economic life of the town in a great way.


Duda Melzer and RBS

The oil fields in Brazil are starting to pick up with oil production again. There are a lot of people who are excited about these changes. During his time at RBS, Duda Melzer has done a great job of helping others take things to the next level. Not only that, but he is starting to think about all of the changes that he is investing back into the business. If you are ready to start taking things to the next level in your life, following the example set by Duda Melzer is a great way to do that. He is excited about all of the changes that are taking place within the oil industry.

Investing in Technology

In a report by acaert, there are many important parts of making a difference in the live of your community when running a business. Duda Melzer is the type of person who is always willing to help others get to the next level. When he was in business, he wanted to help others as much as possible. All of the people in his life look up to the success that he has had. One of the biggest initiatives for this year is investing in new technology.

Future Plans

Duda Melzer is a great oil executive who wants to make a positive impact in the lives of other people. Not only that, but he strongly believes in the work that he is doing to help others in a variety of ways. If you want to invest with someone who is doing good work, this is the person to go to. Duda Melzer and RBS Group will continue to change Brazil positively. You can visit

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