Betsy Devos Is Top Choice For Our Children

When looking for the top picks for his cabinet, the President chose Elizabeth, “Betsy”, Devos for Secretary of Education. She was unanimously confirmed, and now she is working to improve the quality of education standards of America’s children. Betsy is the former Chairperson of the Windquest Group, which is a private management and investment firm located in Michigan. She has been in the political arena for over thirty five years, was elected chairperson of the Michigan Republican Party four times. She has served with campaign committees and party organizations. She has always been a pioneer for enacting change and fighting to remove barriers across the board..


Betsy Devos has been active in her community. She was a chair person for the American Federation for Children, which is an group that advocates for children and stand behind the push for charter schools and the school voucher program. In addition, she chaired the Philanthropy Round Table, and served on numerous other local as well as national boards. Included in these boards are the Foundation for Excellence in Education and The Devos Institute For Arts Management at the University of Maryland. After attending Holland Christian High School, Betsy went on the Calvin College where she received her Bachelors of Arts degree. She married philanthropist, entrepreneur and community activist, Dick Devos. They have four children and five grand children.


Betsy Devos is a billionaire philanthropist whose donations are on the mega scale. She is an advocate for the growth and expansion of charter schools, and the voucher program. She is the richest member of the newly appointed President’s cabinet, and have made donations totaling millions to the campaign of those lawmakers who support her school choice proposal. Her vision is to help low income families who are in neighborhood schools that are failing. Many states have already expanded the voucher program to now include middle class families. In her advocacy for education, as chair person of the Michigan Republican Party, she was instrumental in the 1993 law that allowed the charter schools in that state. As the newly elected Secretary of Education, Betsy will focus on educational growth and equality for all children. With her vast experience in the realm of education and advocacy, the children of America will benefit enormously from her effort.


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