Digital Footprint Leads To Arrest At Quincy Circle In New Brunswick, NJ

The Quincy is an area of housing complexes that have a crime problem. It is located in New Brunswick, N.J. near Raritan River and Liberty Street. These apartment buildings are in a low-income area that has a recent history of robberies, shootings, and gang related activity.


Shootings recorded by police include Nov 30, 2012, when a local pizza man was delivering an order to The Quincy. He arrived at the Northern building of the Quincy Circle Complex but none of the residents would claim to have ordered the pizza. Upon returning to his car, he was confronted by three armed men. The pizza man was forced to give the armed men his wallet, money, the pizza, and was then shot while the men were driving away in a minivan. The investigation took a turn when Det. Ron Seaman, working with the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office, traced cell phone records to that area around the time of the robbery and shooting. They were able to apprehend Parysh Wood, 21, as the leader of the set-up and robbery. The investigation took over four months before Woods was charged with the crime of robbery.


Another shooting took place at the New Brunswick Apartments on Oct 7, 2015, that may have been gang related. Four shootings occurred that left one person with minor injuries. The injured person was driven to a local hospital by an unknown driver that, police believe, may have been the suspect. Upon later examination of the scene, more bullets were found and a further investigation ensued.


Police and residents of the Quincy Complex are concerned about the amount of crime that is committed in that area. Gangs and their related violence make it difficult for the residents to feel safe in their neighborhood. What has helped police solve crimes is being able to track digital devices, used by perpetrators, to place the suspect near or at the scene of the crime, while the act is being committed. The Quincy Circle incidents of crime represent a large cost to local taxpayers and strain local crime fighting resources until a solution is found.


The Quincy; Shootings in New Brunswick, NJ

PodCastOne Commercial Advertisements Prove That TV And Radio Marketing Are Less Effectual For Sales

This year, PodcastOne Network began with an unmistakable spark that could also be termed revolutionary. The network’s founder and chief executive officer Norman Pattiz decided to take affirmative action towards proving that digital marketing has an untapped potential in the podcast industry. Moreso, his intentions were laying claim on the notion that podcast marketing has an upper hand in comparison to the traditional TV and radio announcements.

Norman Pattiz opted to team up with the best of data and research organizations in the first half of 2016, Edison Research, to back up his theory and assure business owners that podcasts will increase their revenue. Edison Research conducted a pre-study analysis which they would juxtapose with the post-study results to draw a conclusive report.

The group used five brands of products in the automobile market, fiancé, hospitality and leisure, lawn and gardening and groceries. They made sure to employ the exact study tests for both analyses to rid the possibility of inconsistent and untrustworthy results. Read more: Norman Pattiz | Fundacity and Norman Pattiz | Twitter

The comparative data indicated that the interest of the grocery item used before the study was 7 percent before the ads aired. The percentage rose to 60 percent after three months of consistent podcast marketing. The finance package used attracted 47 percent increased interest post-study whereas the automobile product garnered an increase of 37 percent.

The designated lawn and gardening product had only 16 percent of listeners interested in its purchase before the advertisements.

The results post-advertisement showed that the particular product would be purchased by 22 percent of the listeners. The highest attraction percentage was for the aforementioned casual dining restaurant which saw an increase of 76 percent after the campaign.

Edison’s president commented that working with PodcastOne was a lifetime achievement that would effect the operation of businesses worldwide. PodcastOne is a giant podcast network within and without the United States with shows by iconic figures of our time such as the WWE superstars. Norman Pattiz began PodcastOne shortly after leaving WestwoodOne, a brand he had built to international fame in a short period.

He partnered with Kit Gray, another expert in the podcast industry who was willing to establish and grow an intriguing podcast network since the idea’s inception in 2012. Norman Pattiz is a council member on the board of Pacific Council of International Relations and Foreign Relations.

He sits on the council of Los Alamos National Security Labs and Lawrence Livermore as chairman and brings invaluable experience and expertise in the organisation’s government.

IDLife Make Health Supplements Designed By Scientists

IDLife develops nutritional supplements by scientist that are safe for customers and HIPPA compliant. This means that customers take supplements that eliminate the possibility of taking something with adverse effects.

Scientists at the company worked on these product over 18 years taking into account what type of medications, allergies, diet, and illnesses customers suffer from. Their ID Assessment will analyze each individual’s health and give them a health score. Supplements will be recommended based on their nutritional needs. Products are packaged and delivered to your home.

Their products help with weight loss, increased energy, immune health, increased metabolism, joint health, bone health, and increased mental clarity. Sleep is an important part of health and ID Life sell Sleep Strips to help customers get to sleep naturally. It is recommended for occasional sleep problems not chronic.

These strips dissolve under the tongue and are all natural. The product increases REM sleep and when a person wakes up they feel refreshed because they are all natural. IDLife appetite controls products help individuals control their appetite. The appetite control chews are all natural and help curb appetite before meals. It is safe and never causes jitters or side effects.

Lean is another product for weight management that comes in capsules form. It decreases craving for sugar, works to boost your metabolism, and builds muscle. It can be taken before a workout, a meal, or bedtime.

IDLife has a number of exceptional products for kid’s. They have shakes, bars, chews, and product with no sugar that replenish electrolytes. Their product provide nutrition and are vegetarian friendly and designed by scientists for children. Kids Nutrition are chews that provides children with over 25 vitamins and minerals with no sugar or artificial ingredients.

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Roberto Santiago, and His Manaira Shopping Mall

Roberto Santiago is a renowned Brazilian businessman. He is the owner of two famous malls namely Manaira shopping mall and Mangabeira shopping mall. Born on July 16, 1958, Roberto began his career in script writing. He had so much passion for blogging that made his writing career grow tremendously. His articles focused on the successes and challenges of life. Later on, he became interested in film production and directing. Roberto holds a business administration degree from University Centre, Joao Pessoa. He is also an active investor in the field of entertainment and real estate.

Santiago ventured into businesses when still in college. With little money, he put up a café at Café Santa Rosa that gave him good returns. Roberto saved and invested in cardboard manufacturing company. With continuous success in his investment in the company, he continued accumulating funds until he bought land in Joao Pessoa where he built Manaira. His success in business has been possible because of his saving habit.


Manaira is the largest mall in the state of Paraiba, Brazil. It covers more than 135,000 square meters with an ample parking space for 3,180 vehicles. The mall was established in 1989 and has continued to be one of the most preferred malls up to date. Manaira, whose standards are international boasts of features such as themed restaurants, children’s zone, banquet hall, spas, 11 movie theatres and game zones. It is a host to many promotional events and shows that keep visitors regularly entertained. Three of the mall’s movie theatres have the 3D technology. Its food court is served with several restaurants which offer both local and international cuisines. Capital Steak House is one of the restaurants in Manaira whose reputation is high among tourists and locals.


Manaira has a banquet hall known as the Domus Hall. It is positioned on the terrace of the mall and serves as a multipurpose auditorium. It is large enough to accommodate 8,000 people. Domus Hall has modern technological equipment and amenities that can be used for parties, business summits, concerts, conferences, musical events, and seminars. The mall also offers the lovers of bowling games with a bowling alley. Other than motocross, bowling is also one of Roberto’s hobbies. In addition to entertainment, the mall has a variety of stores that favor all classes of people. There are several sports gear shops, boutiques, books stores, cosmetics, furniture stores among many other stores. Manaira is also home to an institution of higher learning, the College Higher Education of Paraiba. Above all, the mall has a reliable customer service department that acts on visitors’ feedback. Established in 2013, Mangabeira is also located in the city of Joao Pessoa. Together with Maniara, the two malls have shaped the economic life of the town in a great way.


The Psychotherapist Patty Rocklage Gives Back

Patty Rocklage is a licensed psychotherapist who has over twenty years of experience in her field. At a young age she knew that she wanted to help people and she found her calling as a young adult. Rocklage went to the University of Southern California.

She graduated in 1981 with degrees in psychology. Since then Rocklage has been working in the greater Boston metropolitan area aiding people by offering them both professional services as well as being a warm and inviting person that focuses on her clients. She is also licensed to practice psychotherapy in the state of Massachusetts.


Having decades of experience has allowed Patty Rocklage to gain several skills which are invaluable in the psychotherapist field. Some of these include team building, public speaking, coaching and teaching which are used in the sessions with her clients. Rocklage has worked with hundreds of people by helping them overcome their fears, stress and other struggles of life.

By offering family counseling, marriage counseling, couples counseling and individual counseling she is able to help all different groups of people face their challenges and focus on growing by finding the changes that they need to implement in their daily lives. Seeing personal growth from her clients is one of the reasons Rocklage became a psychotherapist. By forming a personal connect she is able to help. Learn more about Patty Rocklage: and

Outside of work Patty Rocklege enjoys being an active member in her community. Participating in community activities is one of the ways she can see how the world is affecting the people around and also gives her another chance to make lives better. When she can’t help out physically Rocklege gives back in other ways.

In 2016 she and her husband, Dr. Scott Rocklage who has a Ph.D. graduate of chemistry, gave a large monetary gift that was able to renovate the nanotechnology and nanochemistry lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s chemistry building.

Patty Rocklege also volunteers a few times a month at the Sudanese Education Fund. This fund helps those relocated to Massachusetts from Southern Sudan by finding those people jobs so they can attain educational and financial stability.

How The Name Of George Soros Grew Big

You might not know how big the name of George Soros really is. In fact, the magnitude of what George Soros has accomplished is hard to put into words. But we have to start somewhere, and here is where. First, imagine the outstanding status of being a billionaire. This comes with power, prestige and many temptations to ward off.

Once you take into account this magnitude, then something very specific becomes clear. It takes a great deal of responsibility to live at the status of George Soros. But then, the gigantic name which we all know of didn’t get there over night. For George Soros, becoming a prestigious billionaire started with a sure education in finance.

This education gave Mr. Soros the right understanding that then led to greater opportunities. Once such advancement for George was in meeting the men that would direct and change his life forever. These men came in the form of the much needed mentors who would guide Mr. Soros into to a level of prosperity that we all know of today.

From there, George was able to make a name of his own that stands the test of time today. As long as he remains passionate for change, progress and a better life, then we can expect to continue seeing greatness within him.

What This Mogul Has Before Him

But first, understand the grand responsibility George Soros has on any given day. This isn’t simply about being rich. His work is to maintain his status but also to inspire the world in the process. Simply look at what Mr. Soros does on a daily basis. Take a deeper look at the work of philanthropy that he’s accomplished throughout the years. Learn more on Discover the Networks about George Soros.

Each part of the Soros legacy is one that is built upon the foundation of tremendous responsibility. The more that this platform he has grows, the more of a grand vision he has before him. And we should be partly thankful for the internal ambition of men like George Soros. For starters, most billionaires are not as involved with the public. Know more on about George Soros.

Second, many of the world’s most influential billionaires are not as adept to giving the way George Soros is. This is a man who has to be a public figure and for the positive sentiment of society throughout the years.

It’s likely that his legacy will expand as he remains with us and will also shock the world.

The Success Story of Doe Deere

Doe Deere has made a name for herself through her makeup brand, Lime Crime, which is mostly associated with brightly colored makeup styles. While growing up, Doe was very artistic; she enjoyed color, painting with as many colors. She could even get them on her body and clothes. It’s here that her love and passion for bright colors grew and soon she felt that it was the best way that she could express herself.


As she grew up to discover the power of makeup, she had a dream of being able to make her lipstick, nail polish, and other types of colorful makeup. In her teen years, she was trying out different types of makeup brands, which she describes as bad makeup. She could post the pictures of how she looked on Instagram to hear what people had to say about it.


Doe noticed that bright colored cosmetics were not easy to find and the existing ones were of poor quality. She hence decided to found Lime Crime in 2008. She used the name Lime Crime to register on eBay in order to market her fashion line. She describes Lime Crime as a cosmetics brand that believes that looking good comes from feeling good and being confident.


Lime Crime mostly operates online, concentrating on online selling and marketing. Being based online (mainly on social media) has helped them grow since they can easily interact with her customers and get feedback on what to do to improve customer experience. The Company’s main aim is to change the way makeup is viewed and improve the experience that comes from makeup. The company has produced many products in the market, some which they say other cosmetic companies are trying quite hard to imitate.


Doe leads a simple life, and her daily routine is almost the same every day. She usually wakes up at 8:30. Immediately after waking up, she checks her phone for the activities she has for the day and then proceeds to her Instagram. Afterward, she does her morning workout program, mainly stretching, which she says keeps enables her back to feel relaxed. After working out, she heads to her kitchen to make her breakfast. She starts off with a glass of water, which she says is paramount for keeping her hydrated in the relatively low humidity city of Los Angeles.


She then proceeds to make her breakfast which is mostly fruity and topped up with whole grains or cereals. She says that a good breakfast is key to having a productive day and leading a healthy life. Doe enjoys freshly blended orange juice which she makes from oranges that she grows herself. She then proceeds to apply her makeup while listening to her favorite band, The Beatles. She spends ample time on her makeup depending on the type of day she has ahead of her. She usually gets to her office some minutes before noon and spends the rest of the day meeting people and trying to develop new products for her clients.


Follow Doe Deere on Facebook for updates.

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Doe Deere – Founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics

How Beauty Expert Doe Deere Gets Ready For The Day


Madison Street Capital – A reputable Investment Banking Firm

Madison Street Capital has assisted clients from various range of industries, and it understands perfectly well that every client is unique and requires recommendations that are precise and carefully analyzed. The company was founded in 2005 as an investment banking firm. It started as a middle market firm that provides financial services such as business valuation, financial reporting, and corporate advisory. Madison Street Capital reputation is to assists clients with the understanding of the true value of a company. This is an essential process that provides an accurate picture of the current and future opportunities for a given company.


According to the owners of many middle market businesses, identification of the right corporate and financial advisor that can provide services meeting your needs is quite a challenge. Furthermore, business owners are always overwhelmed with the search of reliable financial advisors before the start of the actual business process. In that case, business owners have it all with the Madison Street Capital, more so when they are looking for favorable lending, acquisitions, and sound exit strategies. Also, Madison Street Capital is established in the investment and banking industry. It is the leading financial service provider to various firms found in the middle market.


Additionally, Madison Street Capital has offices in Asia, Africa, and North America. For that reason, Madison Street Capital is the leading provider of valuation services and mergers and acquisitions advisory at both domestic and international level.  It also has the experience, extensive relationship, and knowledge to match sellers and active buyers. Madison Street Capital has the ability to design an appropriate capitalization and financing structure that matches every unique situation of different clients.  MSC (Madison Street Capital) believes in building strong business opportunities within the communities of the United States of America. It works diligently to make a difference to various communities at local and global level. Madison Street Capital always dedicate its services to the needs of the clients.


Apart from the normal business activities, Madison Street Capital offers philanthropic support to organizations such as United Way. The organization is based in Virginia and uses the national network, strong public engagement, and committed partners to improve the livelihood of local communities. The primary objective of the United Way is to solve pressing issues that affect the community as well as come up with measurable changes through the partnership with financial institutions, voluntary associations, schools, the faith community, and government agencies. Perhaps, the primary objective of United Way under the support of Madison Street Capital is to help different families and communities achieve financial stability as well as economic independence.

How has Success Academy addressed and solved typical public school problems

When Success Academy was founded over 11 years ago, one of the things the fledgling charter school network wanted to do was avoid the typical public school problems. After all, why run charter schools that are plagued by low attendance, a high drop out rate, violence in the classroom and a drug problem?


In the time since, not only has Success Academy avoided the typical public school problems most New York schools seem to have, it has also made a name for itself as the organization that runs some of the best schools in the state.


How has it done that? With a mixture of strict discipline and the insistence that learning is fun.


How has discipline solved public school problems? — Success Academy runs their schools with an emphasis on strict discipline.


What that means is lateness is not tolerated, a strict dress code is in effect at all times, and students are expected to work hard, and be polite. Should they decide they do not want to adhere to the rules, there are severe consequences.


Students should feel like learning is fun — While going to a school with such strict rules may seem terrible to some, Success Academy students do not seem to mind it. That is mainly because, while there may be strict rules in place, being in the classroom and learning is actually fun.


Success Academy’s teachers teach for just over an hour a day, so students do not have time to get bored.


After the formal instruction, students at all levels are then put into groups and projects are worked on with their classmates. These projects teach critical thinking skills, teach problem solving and have students learning skills that will be beneficial for them throughout their lives.


While English, math and science are the subjects that are stressed, each one is taught in an atmosphere of fun, and the projects the students work on are innovative and interesting.


With this mixture of expected behaviors and an insistence on learning in a fun environment, Success Academy is able to help create some of the best students in New York state both test score-wise and in their ambitions.

Cotemar, the Face of Oil Evolution in Mexico

Recap on Silent Oil Revolution in Mexico

In recent times, Mexico has seen the emergence of many successful oil companies that are making a new name in the renewed energy industry. Some of the companies include; Cotemar, Renaissance Oil, Nuvoil, Diarqco, Sierra Oil, Petroleum.


However, the companies face a challenge of making their investment more profitable. Especially those companies that won the first round of tenders. A few of these companies are battling land issues as in the case of Cotemar. The land issues emerged from the previous operators. Some of these companies have to deal with the issue of organized crimes and theft of their infrastructure. This can be quite demoralizing but the companies continue to stand strong.


Cotemar History and Values

Cotemar was established in 1979. The company was able to acquire its first rig in 1985. The company then increased its hold in the market in 1996. In 2012, the company collaborated with COSCO. Through this collaboration, the company was able to build semi-submersible specialized cranes. It has grown over the years and in 2015, Cotemar launched the semi-submersible rigs. This gave the company a name in the petroleum business. In 2016, one of its subsidiaries got a contract for Moloacan tender in Veracruz.


Cotemar is fully Mexican and has over 38 years of experience which makes it a highly competent company. In order to get to where it is today, Cotemar has implemented some values that have helped it succeed. The company stands on three very important values; trustworthiness, client satisfaction, and dependability. Through these values, it has been able to maintain a strong stand in the society.


Services offered by Cotemar

The company’s main services are towards the gas and oil industry. The services offered include; processing oil, offshore maintenance, and transportation, food and accommodation services and transport of huge structures. The company’s services extend to engineering and maintenance of oil related mechanisms. Over the years, it continues to broaden the services it offers. They have accomplished this through the adoption of process equipment, as well as a good work team. This has assisted it to increase its performance in the industry.


The future of Cotemar and other Oil Companies

Although these companies continue to face a constant threat, they have proven resilient in the market. They are making a big change in the Mexican oil industry.


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