Lime Crime Has the Latest Trend Covered

With the coming of spring, there is also a new trend and the trend for this Spring season is the passionate color purple. Purple may not be everyone’s absolute favorite, but there are so many ways to work it into your beauty routine. You can go subtle or bold and Lime Crime has so many fun ways to wear it.

Lime Crime’s Hi-Lite trio highlighters come in opalescent hues that can be applied to your favorite features. They come in lavender, sparkly lavender and many shades of purple in-between. They are the perfect way to wear the trendy color without overdoing it-especially is purple is not your go-to color.

A highlighter can be applied in a couple of seconds and does wonders for your face. A highlighter will give you that glow and will highlight your best features like your cheekbones.

A foundation is a must and will provide a clean canvas to work on when you apply your makeup. A good foundation will also offer some sun protection as well. Your foundation should be light and not be cakey or heavy. If it is, then it is time to switch.

Matte lips are also in, and Lime Crime’s velvetiness come in many fun colors. There are even many shades of purple to choose from such as Pony, Fetish, Beet It, Faded, and Utopia, just to name a few.

Eyeshadow is a great way to show off your eyes and add a pop of color without being too bold. Lime Crime has many fun palettes such as the Venus palettes and the Pocket Candy Palettes that have many delicate and bright hues of purple. They are also long-wearing, so you can apply and forget about it.

Eyeliner is a fun way to get creative and will bring out your eyes. You can add fishtail wisps to the corners of your eyes, make cat eyes, or add a swish of flare to your look. Applying eyeliner can get a bit tricky, but if you practice at home, you will be a pro in no time. It will also give you confidence.

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Gareth Henry Actions Have Made Him Into A Wonderful Person

The world we live in is very judgmental. It is very hard to take sides or be apart of any of the movements that are going on. Judgment, although we try to not make it a big deal, it is. We also have to realize that everyone is different, and that is not a bad thing. We need different people to make our universe go around. Gareth Henry has seen the light in helping the LGBTQ community. He has taken his own life into consideration and had to choose between life and death. Gareth Henry has been beaten by policeman, harassed, and more from being a supporter and activists in the gay community.

He actions have made him into a wonderful person for the gay community in Jamaica. Jamaica is one of many countries that has not legalized same sex marriage. Since moving to Canada, Gareth Henry has joined a nonprofit organization Rainbow Railroad. They help relocate LGBTQ people around the world. Henry gave an incident where a mother called the organization to give their son/daughter an opportunity to leave the house. Not all of the time is the situation this easy. Most parents/friends/family members do not call, which leads to suicide.

Gareth Henry has had a lot of friends that have died because of homophobic attacks. Gay hate crimes is a real thing and our nation does not take it serious enough. Instead we are still judgmental. Gareth Henry is doing something really special. He is building our community and making it stronger. He is taking action because he knows what it feels like to not be wanted, to be hated, and innocent people to get hurt. We need more people like Henry to help us remember that no matter your love preference, you still should feel safe enough to walk down the street in your own skin.

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Infinity Group Australia offers solutions o financial challenges of the people

Infinity Group Australia is a leading company in Australia that helps the people deal with matters that touch on debts. Debt reduction is a critical factor in the world as many people are suffering due to poor finances management arising out of the loans they have received from banks. When banks gave them loans, they never received any guidance or support on how to utilize the money well. Banks leave customers to do the financial management aspects on themselves. As a result, we have so many people who cannot afford to live a good life because they have fallen deep into the unending cycle of debts.



Infinity Group Australia is a creation of Graeme Holm, a financial expert who wanted to change the manner in which financial management in Australia is done. He came up with a brilliant idea about personal bankers which he implemented through this company which he established in 2013. In five years that he has been in operations through this company, he has accomplished more than many people will ever accomplish. He has made a move that has helped so many Australians to get out of debts which have constrained their lives to paycheck-paycheck kind of life.


Infinity Group Australia assigns personal bankers to people who would like to have their financial lives sorted by people who understand what it is like to manage funds. The company has recruited skilled professionals who are then assigned roles to guide the clients on how to manage well the finances they have. In the period that he has been in this business, Graeme holm has seen people who could barely save anything in one year now save over $42,000. Also, some clients have attested to having saved more in three months than they have ever done in one year. The change is humongous, and the people are happy with the services they are getting.


The solution offered by Graeme Holm came from years of experience that he has had working in the banking sector. He realized that everything that was happening in the banking industry was being done out of the benefit of the banks and not the customer. It is at this point in time that he came up with a plan to start something that would make the financial industry beneficial both to the people and the banking institutions. Today, he has enabled many people to get away from the challenges that they have faced managing their finances. Learn more :

Jeunesse Global Offers Products to Promote Younger Looking Skin

Jeunesse Global was founded in 2009. The company offers a wide range of products that are designed to help people to both looks and feel younger at the same time. Jeunesse Global has experienced phenomenal growth during its short history. The company’s products are available in dozens of countries.


Among Jeunesse Global’s numerous product offerings are products that help the skin to look and feel younger. Naara is a special product from Jeunesse Global that helps improve skin from the inside out. Naara is a product that you drink. Its purpose is to add collagen back to the skin. Naara contains 5,000 mcg of TruMarine Collagen. In a clinical study, Naara was shown to improve the look and feel of skin in as little as four weeks. In addition to TruMarine Collagen, Naara contains nutrients to enhance one’s overall health. Tangerine, blueberry and cherry are among the eight superfruits that help provide nutrition to the skin.

Luminesce is an entire line of products from Jeunesse Global. Each of the products is this line contains an important ingredient known as APT-200. This ingredient was formulated by and tested by dermatologists. It is proven to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. APT-200 makes the skin feel smoother and softer to the touch.


Luminesce Flawless Skin Brightner is one product in this expansive line. This product is made to help reduce the appearance of hyperpigmented areas of the skin. These areas can be age spots, freckles or other dark blemishes.


The Luminesce Daily Moisturizing Complex protects the skin with an SPF 30 sunblock while it hydrates the skin at the same time. This product in the Luminesce line includes fruit and legume extracts along with APT-200 to keep the skin looking as young as possible.


These are just a few of the many youths enhancing products that are available from Jeunesse Global. At Jeunesse Global, there are supplements and skin care products to help each person look at feel their best.

Robert Ivy Wins Lifetime Achievement Award

Who Is Robert Ivy, AIA Professional

Robert Ivy, professional businessman and CEO, of the American Institute of Architects, holds a Masters of Architecture degree from the University of Tulane. He’s proud to have graduated cum laude. Ivy contributes his strong communication of art to his education. He lends his skills to the art industry to find the top designers, artists, and architects. His institute focuses on policy and the education of art. He has been able to attract bright new talent to the art industry. As an architect professional, he has made tremendous strides in the art community. More about of Robert Ivy at Huffpost

Ivy Is The First To Win Prestigious Award Nomination

Robert Ivy has always played a huge role in the art community and was recently honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award. He is the first architect to be nominated for the award. Ivy was honored with the award by the Mississippi Institute of Arts & Letters (MAIL). He was proud to be honored with the award, and he credits his success to his education in architecture. He also credits a large portion of their success to the MAIL institute. Several candidates were nominated for the award, but he stood out among the rest.

Who Is The AIA Institute

The AIA Institute has been helping thousands of arts students receive a disciplined art education. He leads the art institute with strong leadership skills. His clients have been able to use their membership opportunity to produce and create their best work. Robert Ivy also has one of the most highly read architectural journals. Trust their team of professionals to work with the world’s best designers, architects, and artists. If you’re interested in learning more, you’re invited to visit their official American Institute of Architects. Get your top works in front of the professionals.

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Adam Milstein of IAC Fame, Defines “Israeliness”

Adam Milstein is a Los Angeles-based businessman and is a managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties. He is, however, known more for co-founding the Israeli-American Council (IAC) and serving as its chairman. He is fond of saying that before the IAC there was no Israeli philanthropy. Notice that he said Israeli philanthropy, not Jewish philanthropy. The IAC was founded in 2007. In the 11 years since its creation, it has raised millions of dollars. Milstein noted that at IAC’s march gala, they raised $2.5 million, putting aside additional contributions from Haim Saban and Sheldon Adelson. Milstein and his wife, Gila, run the eponymous Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation. Among its several services, the foundation provides financial assistance to high school students wanting to attend the annual America-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). He recently sat for an interview with the Jewish Journal that is the subject of this post.

In the interview, Adam Milstein noted that Israeli-Americans are the best advocates for Israel. He said Israeli-Americans have fought in the Israeli army and recognize that Israel is a dangerous place. But, Milstein said, we are Americans too, and we think as Americans think. That, he concluded, makes Israeli-Americans the best possible spokespersons for Israel.

Adam Milstein thinks the BDS movement — that’s the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement — is getting bigger. He says Anti-Semitism is growing more prevalent, and that the passive-defensive posture of Israeli-Americans is not helping, as witnessed by the increasing intensity of Anti-Semitism. He notes that on a college campus kids might call it BDS. But off campus, it’s just Anti-Semitism.

Adam Milstein said the those who say BDS isn’t Anti-Semitic should ask if BDS is similarly concerned with Bashar Assad’s atrocities and Iranian persecution of gays and lesbians. If they focus just as much on those things, fine, they’re not Anti-Semitic. But if the focus is almost exclusively on Israel, as it is so often in the UN, then, Milstein indicated, Anti-Semitism drives it. Suffice it to say, Milstein believes Anti-Semitism is on the rise in the US.

Jewish identity is connected to Israel, Milstein said, not in the sense that we go to Synagogue every day, or wear tefillin. No, Milstein suggests that Israeli-Americans can connect through their culture, something he calls “Israeliness.” He says, “Israeliness is about the food, the dancing, or that if I see you one time, the next time I see you I offer you a room to stay during your visit. You can find the whole interview at the source below.


E-pills are the next big thing, says investment guru, Paul Mampilly

If you are looking for a viable investment option, then you might want to buy stock in companies that manufacture electronic pills, or E-pills as Paul Mampilly calls them. In the most recent article posted on his Crunchbase profile, Paul Mampilly, a finance and stock investment guru says that blockchain is revolutionising the world of medicine by making it possible for drug manufacturers to bring medicine that is equipped with digital blockchain sensors to the market.As you know, blockchain is a form of a digital ledger which is incredibly secure and safe from hacking. In respect to that, making medicine that has this form of technology will make the work of drug manufacturers and even physicians incredibly easy. That is because the sensors will send signals to your phone, alerting you, the doctor and the manufacturer of the chemical changes taking place inside your body.


This way, all three parties will be aware of whether the medicine is useful or not. As a result, it will be much easier for your doctor to determine whether you need a new prescription or not and you’ll always be informed of the state of your health.Besides the above benefit, e-pills also boasts a host of many other advantages. For instance, it will now be possible for medical practitioners to know whether their patients are taking their drugs as scheduled or not. It will also be possible for them to evaluate the effectiveness of certain medications on various ailments thereby making it easy for them to prescribe the most functional. With this information, manufacturers on the other end will be forcedto come with drugs that are more potent so they can remain in business. Additionally, manufacturers will have an easy time dealing with false claims as the data on how the body of the patient reacted with the drugs will be stored securely in the blockchain.In a nutshell, Paul Mampilly believes that E-pills are the next big thing and with companies such as Abilify which are already using that technology being FDA approved, then investors should look forward to massive benefits.


Why should you take Mampilly’s word?

For years now, Paul Mampilly has been offering financial and investment advice through his profits unlimited newsletter and two others, true Momentum and extreme fortunes. He is a man who has experienced the best of both financial worlds, that is, wall and Main Street, having worked in Wall Street for more than a decade, before quitting to join Main Street. Paul Mampilly is a force to reckon with and boasts a proven track record showing his prowess. For instance, he is a Templeton Foundation award winner and once worked for Kinetics asset management where he helped turn the fund into the best world hedge fund. Additionally, all his insights work, which explains why he has a subscriber base of more than 130,000 people who keenly follow his investment insights.

Alex Pall And His Riches From The Chainsmokers

Alex Pall may or may not be a familiar name, though the name of his duo—The Chainsmokers—might ring a bell. The success of his duo lifted him up to a level of fame and fortune that a tiny percentage of people in the world ever reach. A couple of years ago, he used his riches to move to a home in Hollywood Hills.

It’s a common storyline for celebrities to make the move to Southern California. That part of the United States is known for its beautiful climate, landscape, beaches and year-long warmth. The place is also really nice because it doesn’t have screwed up animals and violent weather, like Florida. If you live in Southern California, you do not have to worry about things like hurricanes and being eaten by giant reptiles. However, Southern California does carry the chance of wildfires, as well as the chance of mudslides in some areas. Southern California is also known for its high costs of living and hordes of homeless people. However, if you have as much money as Alex Pall, you can securely buy a home in a safer area and live comfortably. At that point, buying a home in California is just a matter of choosing between which nice home you prefer more. This is very impressive, considering the fact that Southern California tends to be one of those places that many people cannot afford to live in, even if they have middle-class incomes. It’s one of those places where you have to either live with a bunch of roommates or marry someone who owns any sort of dwelling.

You might be wondering about the origins of the duo that brought Alex Pall all of these riches. The Chainsmokers began as a duo that included Alex Pall and a guy who is no longer there. In that guy’s place is Andrew Taggart, a native of Maine. The Chainsmokers played in gigs throughout the Big Apple and eventually made their way up to an unbelievable level of success.

OSI Group Appoints A New President And CEO

OSI Group is a company that has been growing nonstop for decades and David McDonald has been more than wave rider. He has been with the company for at least 30 years, and he started right out of college as a project manager all the way to where is today, which is president and CEO.

OSI Group Beginnings

OSI Group is a worldwide name to the food industry. The company started as local butcher shop in Chicago, and was owned by a German man in the beginning of the 20th century. By the middle of the century the shop was a main meat supplier in the region for the McDonald’s restaurant chain. A little later OSI Group was one of the corporation’s main suppliers worldwide. Later still, the company continued to branch out in county and internationally.

About The New President And CEO

David McDonald arrived to modern food all the way from the supply chain. He was raised on a farm in northeast Iowa and graduated from Iowa State University. He holds a bachelor’s degree in animal science. He was recognized for displaying great character and excellent achievement in academics and other activities. Even though he has grown so much in his career, he is still an active alumni at ISU. He is very active in the school’s agricultural entrepreneurship initiative. He donates to a scholarship fund and helps to create internship opportunities for ISU students at his company. His participation in the alumni program earned him the young alumni award in 2004 and 10 years later he was awarded the school foundation’s emerging philanthropist award. David McDonald and his wife Malinda have six children, their two oldest children are students at ISU.

The Company Is Large

OSI Group has more than 20,000 staff members at over 65 facilities. The ranges across 17 countries. In 2016 Forbes listed the private company at number 58. It was said to have an estimated net worth of $6.1 billion. Over the past few years David McDonald has assisted in the company’s expansion to China. He also has his hands in the purchase of Baho Foods and Flagship Europe. He is a master in industry logistics and he has several years of experience working with the government, suppliers and retailers in various countries. David McDonald’s ability to lead such a company of massive size was quite unexpected, but one could only attribute his success in management to his early exposure to the supply chain when he grew up on the farm.

Paul Mampilly Explores the Benefits of Blockchain in Protection of Identity

Investment icon Paul Mampilly has been closely following what has been happening in the field of technology. This area is known to be one of his favorites for investment. He understands this field so well that he can spot opportunities as well as traps presented by the market. In 2000, he avoided the technology stocks which had inflated prices and projected that it was a bubble that would burst. He recommends technology stocks to the average investor because he recognizes how they can potentially earn huge profits as compared to other investments. In a recent piece of article that he published on the Banyan Hill website, he discussed the benefits that the blockchain technology would create if only it was utilized in the right manner. His sentiments were a result of an experience he witnessed while renewing his driver’s license.

The government needed him to present three documents which they issued. He had to spend a whole day in a government office. He described this experience as a waste of time, and he was not contented with it. Paul Mampilly believes that there are better ways that the government can use to protect the identity of the citizens without requiring them to carry around paper documents. He has previously stated that he does not mind carrying a chip in his body as long as it will do away with the paper documents. A chip that can be scanned to reveal all the information on identity and others can be a life-saver.

The Solution

Paul Mampilly recommends using blockchain technology to solve this puzzle. Blockchain is a form of electronic database that cannot be altered without leaving a trail of evidence. If any changes are made, it is easy to know. The information is distributed to so many locations around the world that it is impossible to interfere with the credibility of the information. Such technology can play an important role in identity protection.

About Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is a former hedge fund manager in the Wall Street. He is now working as a senior-editor at Banyan Hill Publishing. He is the author of the Profits Unlimited newsletter.