The New Trends In The Academy Of Art University

Last September, the Academy of Art University held its 21st Annual runway showcase. The designers were recent graduates from around the world with collections of all kinds. In the audience was Sara Kozlowski of CDFA and Ms. J Alexander of Top Model. This show was the culmination of months of hard work and late nights for these students.


About the Academy


The Academy of Art University is located in the heart of San Francisco. More than 90 of their students have been honored for advancements in their fields. There have been nearly 100 Oscar nods from their students and alum. They have programs in design, liberal arts, entertainment, and fine art. It is one of the largest privately owned Art Schools in the United States.


The Academy’s Roots


The Academy was founded in 1929 by Richard S. Stevens under the name of Academy of Advertising Art. Stevens was a painter and magazine editor. He led the university until 1951 when his son took over. The academy continued to be family when Stevens grandaughter took over in 1992. Elisa Stevens has since taken the academy to new heights including this runway show.


What the Academy Offers


Currently, the academy has over 18,000 students and is the largest accredited private art & design university in the nation. They have programs in Acting, Advertising, Architecture, Art History, Fashion, Fine Art, Graphic Design, Motion Pictures & Television, Photography, Web Design & more. Some of the alum includes actress Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag, actress and singer Raven Symone, fashion designer Kara Laricks, and make-up artist Rick Baker who is best known for winning an academy award for his work on Maleficent.


The show was a huge success and included works from Jelly Shan, Ryan Yu, Cana Klebanoff, Saya Shen, Carlos Rodriguez, Diane Marie Lam, Eden Slezin, and Hailun Zhou. One thing is for sure, we expect great things from these designers in the future.


How the Leaders of Fabletics Inspire Social Responsibility

When looking at any industry that involves the exchange of goods and services, one thing that is becoming increasingly important is the social responsibility a company takes. Each business has a responsibility to not only show a good image, but encourage the customer to take on positive habits. If a company fails on its social responsibility, then it is going to have an effect on the amount of customers that do business with it. For one thing, even the customers that still love the brand through a scandal are going to be very reluctant to shop there because they are afraid of what others may think about them.


One area that is very responsible for a brand’s social image is the leadership area. After all, the leaders are the ones that have to approve the direction that the company is going in. After all, the actions of a company represents the leader. Therefore, it is important for the leaders to be involved in the decision making process as to where to take its brand. This includes the charities that are being donated to as well as other activities. Fabletics, the TechStyle brand run by Don Ressler, Adam Goldenberg and Kate Hudson is known for being very socially responsible.


The leaders are involved with the messages they want to send through their company. One message that Fabletics is sending all of the customers is that of diversity and inclusion. Another message is that customers decide on the products. They are aware of the effect that desire plays in the part of selling products. Therefore, they make sure that the product is a hit with the customers before they move forward with it.


Fabletics is a brand that is run with a lot of care. The leaders look closely at all of the different aspects of running the company so that they will be able to keep the losses at a minimum and the gains at a maximum. The leaders are also looking at all of the different issues of society so that they can see what initiatives they can take that are relevant to their brand.

The Life and Times of a Jewish Warrior

Adam Milstein carries on proud family tradition as a Jewish warrior. His father, Hillel, came to Israel from Argentina when the State of Israel was established in 1948 and fought for Israeli independence as a combat sailor. His mother, Eva, came to Israel from Mexico a year later. Adam was born in Israel in the city of Haifa in 1952.

In 1971, Adam Milstein joined the Israel Defense Forces. Two years later, on the holiest of Jewish holy days, Yom Kippur, a coalition of military units from Egypt, Syria, and Iraq launched a surprise attack on the State of Israel. Arab military forces crossed the Suez Canal and advanced into the Sinai Peninsula and the Golan Heights. As the United States worked feverishly to resupply the Israelis, the Soviet Union mounted similar resupply efforts for the Arabs.

After three days, Israeli forces brought the Arab advance to a standstill and began an offensive aimed at pushing enemy forces back. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) artillery began to fire on Damascus, Egypt. Egyptian President Sadat ordered Egyptian forces to counter-attack, but the Arab offensive was quickly repelled. The Israelis then crossed the Suez Canal into Egypt, inflicting massive casualties on the enemy.

Adam Milstein, following General Arial Sharon, was part of the IDF advance and the encirclement of the Egyptian Third Army. Milstein left the Israeli military soon after, but his need to serve and protect Israel stayed with him to this day. He married his wife Gila while earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Business from The Israel Institute of Technology (The Technion). The Milstein family then moved to American so that Adam could pursue business opportunities. While earning his MBA, Adam Milstein started working as a commercial real estate sales agent.

Due to his support of a plethora of Jewish organizations, including the Israeli-American Council (IAC), StandWithUs, Israel on Campus Coalition, Hasbara Fellowships, and AIPAC, Adam Milstein was voted one of the world’s 200 Most Influential Do-Gooders by the London-based digital publication Richtopia.

Admiration Is Due Alexandre Gama

Alexandre Gama is a man of many firsts. His advertising agency, Neogama, was the first agency to win a Golden Lion at the Cannes Film Festival in its first year of existence. He was the first Latin American to be invited to teach a Masterclass at Cannes. He was the first Brazilian to lead a global network of advertising agencies when he was named to the Publicis Groupe Global Creative Board while with BBH. It is suffice to say that Gama is a trailblazer of sorts.

His dream to open his own agency was realized when he founded Neogama in 1999 but there was a lot of work that happened prior to that. Gama had spent over 17 years as a copywriter and creative director with a number of agencies before he was able to start his own agency. He paid his dues by working his way up, something to be admired.