Have A Glass Of Wine And Make Some Money Doing It

Here is a unique opportunity for anyone who likes to have a glass of wine now and then. Traveling Vineyard will help you set up a wine tasting party at home. All you have to do is provide the guests. They will provide the party invitations, the wines, gifts, snacks to go with the wine, and most importantly, order forms for wines. Studies indicate that 80% of all wine sales are impulse sales. Think of how many orders you can get from people who know that they have come to taste and order wines!

Traveling Vineyard tasters travel the world to the best chateaux to find only the finest of the varietals available. They must meet specific criteria in order to make it into Traveling Vineyard’s label.

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Next, ask one of your friends to hold a wine tasting party at their house and invite their friends. You will then get more customers, and in the mean time, you will have your friends coming back as repeat customers. Then, you repeat that as many times and with as many friends, old and new, as you like.

That is all there is to it. You can operate a business from your own home, and you will reap benefits according to the effort that you put into it. Traveling Vineyards will be with you to show you how it is done. Don’t hesitate! Get in contact today!

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Guest of Guest Sits Down With The Queen of Unicorns, Doe Deere

Finding yourself and expressing yourself are the cornerstones of any individualistic person, though living in the era of trends that appear and disappear before you can ask, “Are flares back in?”, it is sometimes hard to find inspiration for channeling your own sense of style into your outfits and look. It becomes certainly harder to find a way of expressing yourself if those around you are not in tune with what it means to express unique tastes.


Though for those of us able to walk around comfortable with our own sense of identity and self, expressing that sense of self is a little easier. For us unicorns finding vibrant and colorful ways to showcase our identity comes as second nature. Luckily for the sea of unicorns, we have finally found a queen, a leader within the beauty industry who not only understands what it means to assert yourself as a unique individual but empowers others to do so as well.


That is what Lime Crime and its founder, Doe Deere, have come to mean to all of us unicorns. Doe Deere, the fashion forward and free spirited leader of Lime Crime has given all the unicorns of the world a brand that understands them and celebrates their unique identity.


Guest of Guest Finds a Moment with the Queen of Unicorns


So much to my excitement, I recently came across Guest of Guest’s latest blog post focused on the Queen herself, Doe Deere. Which was actually full of surprises that I had not known about my favorite beauty product leader.


Doe Deere Found Inspiration, Love, and Purpose with an Early Music Career


If you asked me to name my top five favorite hues of lipstick or my go to eye shadow palette from Lime Crime, I could list off everyone hue I have and what I wear with each. But if you asked, “What famous beauty line CEO got her start as a New york musician?, I might stumble. That is until reading the in-depth interview with Doe Deere. It turns out my favorite Queen of the Unicorns actually got her start as a musician living in New York City. It makes sense though considering the way the indie makeup brand got its start, cultivating a cult following through beauty blogs before moving on to become the leader of Unicorn Beauty Products.


If you’re a unicorn like myself, you’ll enjoy Guest of Guest’s piece about Lime Crime’s Founder. You can read it by clicking here.