Rick Shinto Is Behind the Success Of InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health Solutions is already being considered as an industry leader in its field. This is a company that is providing high-quality healthcare programs. Basically, these are being provided in North America to the underserved.

Rick Shinto is the CEO of InnovaCare Health. He along with his strong leadership team has managed to steer InnovaCare health to the success that it is enjoying today.

Dr. Rick Shinto is considered as the pioneer of this concept of the medical provider network. This is an idea that is widespread today in Puerto Rico. Rick Shinto had been the CEO of PMC Medicare Choice and MMM Healthcare before joining this company. He has also worked as the Chief Medical Officer as well as the Chief Operations Officer at Medical Pathways Management Company. Rick Shinto has also served as the Chief Medical Officer. This was at the NAMM, a Californian healthcare company.

Rick Shinto has 20 years of experience in operational medicines as well as clinical health care solutions. Then he joined Aveta Inc. in 2008. Now this company is known as InnovaCare Health. Rick Shinto has been the pioneer in launching a number of successful projects in this company. This has helped a number of underserved patients getting access to high quality and prompt healthcare. It is under his leadership that InnovaCare Health has managed over 200,000 people joining its membership programs. The company employs over 7,500 persons who are catering to this clientele. Read more about Rick Shinto on BusinessWire.Com

As per Dr. Rick Shinto, the sole aim of the company is not to provide easy access to its programs, Medicare and Medicaid, only. He is involved in educating his patients various topics relating to healthcare awareness. He is also offering support to the families when their loved ones are undergoing treatment. Such empathetic gestures coming from a certified MD Doctor who is held in high acclaim have helped to earn him the Access to Caring Award. This was presented at the ‘A Tribute to Caring’ gala which was held at the Wester University of Health Sciences.

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Rick Shinto employs a winning formula in order to gain success. He has an experienced and highly talented management team. It is the pillar of vision and leadership at InnovaCare Health. He has just brought in three new members into the management team. These include the ambitious, visionary and highly talented Penelope Kokkinides. She will be the Chief Administration Officer of the company. Read more about Rick at Intelius.

The open society foundations that George Soros has been funding

George Soros is one of the richest men in the country. The Hungarian native is estimated to have a net worth of about $25 billion. He is famous as the man who broke the pound in the infamous black Wednesday of 1992. Like his billionaire counterparts, the likes of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Warren Buffet, George is always looking for ways in which he can use his money and influence to make positive changes in the society. There are several initiatives that George has been taking part in with the aim of improving the social life of the society in general. These charities, which he coordinates under the OSI Group, are estimated to have received more than 5 billion shillings from him throughout his lifetime. He works by looking for initiatives and charities that he feels are in the same mission with him and giving them the funding that they need to run their activities.

This was a time when his country was under the occupation of the German Nazis. Being Jews, George and his family were being hunted down by the administration for what came to be known as the Holocaust. In the late forties when he was just a teenager, he managed to run from his country to England. He joined the London School of Economics and got his bachelors, masters and PhD. He took up various jobs within the financial sector before he decided to start his first company, the Soros Fund management. In 1992, he made history when he made a short sale of $10billion and made a profit of $1billion in the infamous black Wednesday deal.  Read more on Snopes about George Soros

Open society foundations are the charities that George Soros likes spending most of his funding on. Some of the foundations that he has supported in the past have been a little controversial, like the group that was fighting for the rights of people to dictate their own end of life choices. When George Bush won the election in 2002, he started his own movement, the shadow democratic party which he intended to use to make checks and balances for the government of the day. The roles of the movement included looking for funds to support their causes, activism, media manipulation and research on the opposition.

Read more: https://www.opensocietyfoundations.org/people/george-soros

George has always been open about things that bother him when they are going wrong in the society. For instance, he has not made any secret about the fact that he is not a Trump supporter. The politics that Trump has been playing, according to Soros are divisive and counter-productive.

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Whitney Wolfe Creates A New Platform For Dating

Dating can be messy. It isn’t always fun, but this is changing thanks to Whitney Wolfe. She is making people look at the dating process in a different light. At one time people thought that Tinder was just for hooking up. Whitney Wolfe wanted to be about more than that. She wanted an app that would actually inspire people to find love. Men became the dominant force with Tinder. When she created another dating platform she wanted to make sure that women had a voice.

The dating women can be very hectic. There are a bunch of dating sites. There are a lot of reasons to look at the concept of dating and wonder if it is even worth it. Wolfe wanted people to know that it is worth it. She wanted people to see dating in a different light. It was only a matter of time before she decided that she could use the same type of platform that was in place when she co-founder Tinder, but she had to have a different angle. In her mind she wondered how she could possibly change the course of dating and still give people something that was familiar. Whitney Wolfe wondered how she could reach young millennials without alienating other age groups. She wanted to have something that would appeal to many, but she still wanted to go out on a limb and try a new thing.

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Bumble would be the new thing that she tried, and it would be amazing to see how this app has buzzed to the top of the dating app world. It provides new energy that just wasn’t out there before. People look at what Whitney Wolfe is doing, and they cannot help but get excited. It is the app that gives singles an exciting experience.

Learn more about Whitney Wolfe: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-switch/wp/2015/12/02/whitney-wolfe-founder-of-dating-app-bumble-has-had-quite-the-year-she-just-cant-discuss-parts-of-it/?utm_term=.e3a6795b7f43

Deere Transforms The Makeup World With Lime Crime

Lime Crime makeup graces the faces of the bold and the beautiful. It is a colorful makeup line that consumers use as more than just makeup. They use it as a form of expression. This makeup line all began with the creative soul of the talented entrepreneur Doe Deere.


Doe Deere was born in Russia and resided there until she was seventeen. She moved to the New York City in pursuit of becoming a musician. Deere pursued music for some time and learned a lot while doing so. She took important marketing and business managing skills away from her time as a musician. She also met her husband and partner in Lime Crime.


In addition to music, Deere had other ventures in the fashion industry. Her creativity crosses into many different mediums. During her time as a fashion designer, Deere decided she wanted to pair the threads she was selling with bold makeup colors. However, Deere cold not locate the makeup colors she was interested in because they had yet to exist. Deere jumpstarted Lime Crime as a response, making her own bold and bright makeup colors.


It turned out Deere was not the only person craving this outrageously bold colors, the public was too. Lime Crime quickly developed a cult following. The line even has its own blog where it features fabulous makeup styles and celebrity makeup artist tips. The Lime Crime brand is perfect for self-expression. It transforms makeup from simply being coverup into an the paint of an artist. Consumers paint their canvases into anyone they choose to be.


Deere credits her success to following her heart. It is an encouraging message for fans and young girls who look up to the “Queen of Unicorns”. Doe has an incredibly valid point though. People tend to exceed more when they are pursuing ventures that they love. After all, it is a lot easier to throw ourselves into work that means something to us.


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Betsy DeVos Has Been Into Reforms Since Long

Betsy DeVos is the billionaire who has been tapped by President Donald Trump to be the education secretary. She lives in Michigan and has been involved in reform here for decades.

Betsy DeVos is a former Republican Party chairwoman. She is also chair of the pro-school-choice advocacy group known as American Federation of Children. She is the guiding light to members who are in the movement to privatize public education. This can be done by creating programs and passing laws which require using of public funds that can contribute to paying for private school tuition through vouchers and such other similar programs.

Betsy DeVos has been the leading force behind this spreading of charter schools in Michigan. There are some groups who have praised this choice of Betsy DeVos as Education Secretary as they feel that DeVos will work hard to grow new programs. These will allow parents more school choice.

Betsy DeVos is a believer. She wields powerful influence for the special interest in school education that she has championed. She seeks to provide the opportunity to all those who may not have it otherwise.

The DeVoses started the Great Lakes Education Project. This is an action committee that does the most aggressive lobbying for such kind of charter schools. This is why Michigan already has the largest number of charter schools in the nation.

As Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos will be helping to set standards, guide accountability as well as oversee research in a way that would benefit children. DeVos has a belief in charter schools that is unshakable. She pushes hard on providing schools of choice to parents.

Betsy DeVos has sent her kids to public schools. She is highly impressed with the education her kids have received there. She is well aware that her wealth allowed her to send her kids to any school of their choice. But this is not true with many others. Hence she wants to give this choice to other parents too.

She is well aware that paying off tuition fees may be a big task for some parents.

It is quite clear that Betsy DeVos is well aware of her privileges. But she wants to share these privileges with others in the form of an option. Education is highly important in order to prepare children to face the world tomorrow. This is why she is putting so much emphasis on charter schools, private schools and so on. In fact, her religious beliefs are also playing a role here!

According to Los Angeles Times

Madison Street Capital Spearheads the Minority Capitalization of ARES Security Corporation

Madison Street Capital, an international investment firm in the banking sector, arranged a subordinated debt and minority equity investment for ARES Security Corporation, one of its main clients. ARES is a renowned security risk management company that mainly deals with providing security software solutions. Corbel Structured Equity Partners, provided the minority equity investment. Madison Capital’s CEO, Charles Botchway announced the transaction which was led by Reginald McGaugh, the company’s senior managing director.


Reginald McGaugh’s Comments


McGaugh remarked that he was honored to work with ARES’s president, Ben Eazzeta. He further complemented ARES for its highly sophisticated technology products that protect the most critical assets of the world. According to McGaugh, the professionalism and skill of the company’s superior management challenged Madison Capital to find ARES a suitable financing partner.


Ben Eazzeta’s Comments


Ben Eazzeta, the president of ARES Security, commented that he truly appreciated the Madison Street Capital team and the work they had completed for them in the past year. Furthermore, he remarked that his company was grateful for their due diligence, their method of valuation, and their whole approach towards raising capital. He noted that they worked diligently and hard to find the right partner for financing and that they were hopeful about the future of their new capital strategy.


ARES concluded that partnering with Corbel to structure their investment was a smart way to create equity value. The flexible capital solutions that Corbel applies and their operationally supportive partnership are going to help the company enhance its sales energy and exploit the revenue opportunities available to Corbel’s industry contacts.


About Madison Street Capital


Madison Street Capital reputation in investment banking precedes it. This firm is dedicated to excellence, integrity, and leadership in providing merger and acquisition services, financial opinions, corporate financial advice, and valuation services to public and private businesses. When embarking in any project, Madison is known to absorb the objectives and goals of its clients in order to deliver quality and satisfactory services.


Headquarter in Illinois, Chicago, this middle market banking and investment firm has offices in Africa, Asia, and North America. Having helped clients from a variety of industries, the professionals at Madison Street Capital understand that precise recommendations following a meticulous analysis are required in any project. Madison is the ideal solution for business owners interested in selling businesses, in search of acquisitions, or interested in a solid exit strategy, or advice on corporate governance.


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Bernardo Chua: Success Starts With A Vision

Before Bernardo Chua has started up the successful company of Organo Gold, he has worked as a small time employee. While working his regular job, he has gotten a vision for a new business venture he could start. However, Bernardo Chua was not looking for financial independence with his new business plan, he was actually looking to bring about a healthier world.

He has noticed a certain herb that has a lot of health benefits. The herb is known as ganoderma. He wanted to spread knowledge about this herb throughout the globe. He figured one of the ways to do this is by selling it within a beverage that people love to drink. This beverage is called coffee.

Bernardo Chua has mixed in the herb with his coffee in order to sell it in various markets. He has spread awareness of his coffee company with the help of independent distributors and marketers. This is very helpful for the company because there is a lot of market about ganoderma.

For one thing, when people consume the health benefits that come with the herb, they are more likely to experience the effects that it has on their bodies right away. For one thing, people will have more energy to carry out their activities.

Bernardo Chua was also very assertive about expanding his business to different territories so that more people could get a taste of the herb that is bringing about some extra health benefits. Among the territories he has expanded his award winning company to is Turkey, which is one of the most significant moves he has made.

This move is actually significant for many different reasons. One reason for its significance is that Turkey is the home of the original coffee house.

Bernardo Chua is showing that he has a great sense of timing and philanthropy with the company and products he his revealing to the world.

Learn more about Bernardo Chua:  https://ca.linkedin.com/in/bernardo-chua-b96b54aa

Dick DeVos Discusses his Family’s Donations

If you had billions in your bank, what would you do with them? This is a tough question to pose especially because most of us don’t have that kind of money. Well, for the few that have been blessed with this kind of money, one thing is common among them. They give it to the less fortunate through charitable donations while some channel their funds into something more personal like making political donations. This is what one family has been doing with their money. With an estimated wealth of $5.4 billion, the Dick DeVos family has given a quarter of their wealth to charity and political donations. The family supports the Republican Party, and their donations haven’t gone unnoticed. Betsy DeVos was recently approved to be the secretary of education, and this is partly as a result of her family’s dedication to changing the education system through the donations they make.


According to tax returns obtained since the two got married, they have made donations of over $139 million. Dick DeVos tried to clinch the governor chair for Michigan in the year 2005 but lost to the Democratic candidate. In a recent article, their charity donations were broken down, and it was shown that they give priority to the education sector. According to the report, the education sector has received 26 percent of the donations they make.


Institutions that have received these donations include Northwood University, Potter House, Wyoming, Ferris State University, Rehoboth Christian School as well as Detroit Charter School Company and Compass College of Cinematic Arts. As it can be seen, all these institutions are from all over the United States. While these donations have been criticized as a way of diverting attention from their political contribution, the DeVos Family says that they make the donations out of a good heart to help those kids that still believe in the American Dream. The family also says that they have made a deliberate decision to include their children in their philanthropic activities. Their donations also support other causes such as health and human services, arts and culture, churches, public policy, leadership, and development as well as helping the community with urgent matters such as food, a shelter for the homeless among other things.


The DeVos have made their fortune through three ventures that are owned by their father. There is the Amway Corporation, the Orlando Magic, and the Windquest Group. With all these companies, Dick DeVos has served in different positions such as the chief executive officer, president, and vice president. He is usually dedicated to his roles, and this has always translated to success.



Online Reputation And Brand Influence

One important thing for online reputation management is updating the company to people who are interested. It is very important to keep the people in the know when it comes to new activities. When people are always reading something new about the company that is good, then it gives them more reason to trust the company. Also, business owners who take the time to update their information on a regular basis will show that they are responsible and trustworthy. One sign of a good business is that they are constantly updating something. If the website of the page is all the same with no activity, that is a sign that the business is dead.

Also, when one takes the time to update the website, it gets him in the process of optimizing the site so that it will always be on the front page. Search engines love sites that are constantly updated with relevant information. The search algorithms will rank the site very high on the search results. It is also important to use other mediums for information so that the front page will be full of information that is favorable to the company. One bad result could have a really big effect on the company.

One of the best ways for business to market is with the use of social media to go along with traditional media. As a matter of fact, social media and traditional media should be 50/50. One of the reasons that social media is included is that it allows people to interact with the company.