Happy Holidays With Securus Technologies

When Christmas comes around, everyone is in a rush to enjoy the holiday season. For many people, that means lots of celebrations with family and friends where they exchange gifts, and eat lots of great foods. Other people, like ones that are incarcerated in corrective facilities cannot take part in the holiday spirit like others can. That is why Securus Technologies decided to take it into their hands, and create the Christmas video visits for the prisoners.


The Christmas video visits give the inmates a chance to see and hear their loved ones and friends on a video. They can take part in the holiday even though they cannot be there in person. Since they can watch their children open presents, they feel better about themselves.


Securus Technologies is a company that is known all over the world for the work that they do. They are always inventing new ways to assist in preventing and solving crimes. They deal with over a million prisoners on a continual basis, and they want to make sure that everyone is protected from harm, whether or not they are a prisoner. This company takes their work very seriously, and they are coming up with new and innovative ways to prevent and solve crimes on a weekly basis. They have fantastic employees that complete their work to the highest standards. Since they all have the same mission, to make the world a better and safer place to live, they work consistently towards that goal. In the future, the company will continue to lead in their industry, and make strides in protecting the public.

A Review Of Cone Marshall’s Development Agenda And Achievements

Cone Marshall, a leading law firm based in New Zealand, has emerged as the most preferred provider of tax, estate and trust litigation support across the country and internationally. Cone Marshall has been in the industry for more than one decade and despite many challenges along the way, the firm has managed to win over the support of many clients from across the country and overseas.


The growth the firm has seen is a result of the changes in structures that they have embraced to make the management of different services easy. Cone Marshall has engaged in measures that have sought to improve the overall image of the firm and the way customers receive support for their problems.


These changes have been steered through upgrades in the infrastructure of the firm, which includes embracing new technology to make processes faster and more accurate. Cone Marshall has over the past one decade worked on improving the setup of the firm to have a seamless system that allows clients from across the world to interact in real time with lawyers and professionals at the main offices.


With a new system of handling files and cases, the resolution process has become faster and accuracy has been heightened. These benefits have seen more clients looking for tax and estate litigation support join the firm to enjoy the smooth processes that avail solutions in time. Currently, Cone Marshall is serving clients from many countries and the firm has remained the best in the local market for tax and estate law.


Most importantly, Cone Marshall has worked on improving the skills of its staff. The firm has educated them on new systems of managing files and this has made processes faster and many clients are happy with the way their applications are handled.


Focused leaders

To achieve this growth, Cone Marshall has benefited from positive leadership from several professionals. Karen Marshall, one of the professionals behind the success of the firm, is a leader whose vision and dedication has seen Cone Marshall implement the installation of new features.


She has served as a commercial litigation expert for at least 20 years and is consulted on many issues affecting the firm. Karen appreciates the support of veteran lawyer Geoffrey Cone, who has served in the profession for over three decades.


From tech genius to entrepreneurial success; the story of Eric Pulier

There are people who wait till late into their teens and even beyond before they discover what their passion is. Eric Pulier was lucky enough to realize that he was an IT brain when he was just in the fourth grade. So impressive was his talent that he was performing basic programming at this age. It is from this foundation that he has gone on to become an innovator, entrepreneur and business leader.

Eric was born in Teaneck New Jersey. He is the founder and CEO of ServiceMesh company. Before he joined this company, he was working as a cloud manager with the Computer Services Corporation. He founded his company to try and solve many of the IT problems that have been dogging businesses both internally and externally.

Eric has been interested in owning business outfits for most of his life as an adult. His first attempt to the creation of a company was when he was a high school student. When he graduated high school, he did well and got admission into Harvard to major in English and Literature.

After his graduation in 1988, he worked a few odd jobs and then decided to move to California. He started his own Company aimed at solving the problems that existed between the sectors of education, health care and other government services. After 3 years, he went ahead to start Digital Evolution, whose aim was to foster interaction. At the same time, he started an online community known as StarBright where terminally ill kids meet and share their journey.

He was a part of the Al Gore campaign in 199. He gave Al Gore counsel on matters related to Health care and especially technology’s role in the industry. He also participated in the Clinton Foundation.

Eric is also an author of several books. The far he has come has been due to discipline and focus and he hopes to do better as time gets by.

For more information please visit http://ericpulier.com